60 Inch Tool Box for Truck Buyer’s Guide | How to Choose the Right One

Few people can’t resist the charm of driving a pick-up truck. They are designed to be both powerful and practical. Such features make them the perfect vehicle for hauling and towing from site to site. However, your pick-up truck is not complete without the right 60-inch tool box.

60-inch truck tool boxes protect your valuable gear and keep tools clean and organized. Purchasing the right tool involves looking at the material, features, and best mounting style for your needs. The tool box you get should be secure, comfortable to access, and durable. 


This article looks at the different kinds of truck tool boxes available in the market based on mounting styles. For each, the features and differences are explained and so are the factors to consider when shopping for a new 60-inch tool box for your truck. This information is intended to help buyers sift through the many available options. 

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Types of Truck Tool Box

The perfect truck tool box should leave enough space on the truck bed after installation. Consequently, truck tool boxes are designed to be installed in specific areas of the pick-up bed. Here are some common types of 60-inch tool boxes for the truck.

Crossover Tool Box

Crossover truck tool boxes like these options from Home Depot are installed directly behind the cabin. The length typically spans the entire width of the truck from side to side. However, the crossover tool box does not extend to the floor of the truck bed. It allows storage space below the tool box.

Some variations of the crossover tool box are made to slide from side to side. In addition to being very low cost, this type of truck tool box doesn’t obscure the driver’s rear view.

Gull Wig Tool Box

The Gull Wig tool box, such as this Lund Gull Wig Tool Box, is a variation of the saddle box. The only feature that sets the two apart is the latch mechanism. Gull wig comes with two independent covers that open on both the driver and the passenger side. This feature offers better ease of access to the tools without straining.

Side Mount Tool Boxes

Side mount tool boxes like these are a great option if you want to spare the bed length. The box is mounted on the side along the side rails of the truck. Unlike the crossover, this type of tool boxes extends to the floor of the truck bed. A side mount tool box leaves plenty of room on the truck bed for hauling long loads. The other benefit is that you can access it easily from the side of the truck.

Chest Tool Box

Chest boxes, such as this Weather Guard Aluminum All-Purpose Chest, are quite similar to the crossover version. Due to their versatility, they are sometimes referred to as an all-purpose chest. Chest tool boxes are installed behind the cabin without obstructing the rearview. 

The only difference is that they extend to the truck bed. Chest boxes are supported by the floor and not the rails. This can be a problem if you want to maximize the bed length for storage. On the flip side, the chest tool box has a higher storage capacity and can be used with a canopy or tonneau cover.

Wheel Well Tool Box

Wheel well tool boxes, such as this DNA MOTORING Wheel Well Tool Box, are designed to fill unused negative spaces on the truck bed. This tool box has a curve in the bottom that allows it to sit perfectly over the rear wheel hump. Its unique shape is the reason it’s also known as the pork chop box. The rest of the base is supported by the bed floor. 

Wheel Well tool boxes are typically tall and narrow. Although they are not the most spacious, they provide a better use of the idle space. Wheel Well tool boxes can either be plastic or aluminum.

Top Mount Tool Box

Most tool box mountings like this Lund Aluminum Top Mount Tool Box interfere with the available space on the truck bed. A top mount box provides additional storage without reducing the cargo space. This kind of truck tool box sits on the side rails and extends upwards. Due to their large size, top mounts can carry more tools.

Some versions even come with drawers for specialized storage. The only downside to installing one of these is that they create blind spots for the driver.

Here is a video with more information on types of tool boxes and what’s best for you:

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing a Tool Box for Truck

Finding the right tool box for your truck can be challenging, given the numerous options available. However, making this decision is a little easier when you know what you are looking for. The exact features depend on individual needs and preferences. Below are some essential factors worth considering before committing to any tool box for your truck.


Most modern truck tool boxes are made of high-grade aluminum. This material is preferred due to its lightweight, durability, and corrosion resistance. However, there are some tool boxes in the market made of hard plastics. Although plastic doesn’t rust, it doesn’t offer the security of aluminum storage. But, if you are looking to store expensive tools and equipment, it might be worth spending extra to get a tool box made of stainless steel.

Ease of Access

Typically, the tool box is accessed several times in a busy worksite. A good tool box should make it easy to open and close the box without straining. For instance, aside from mounting, it is more comfortable to access than a chest tool box. It is possible to reach all the contents of the box without stretching. 

With a chest box, one has to climb onto the truck bed to access the tools. Another feature that eases access is the latch mechanism of the box. The latch should be smooth and offer minimal resistance.For additional convenience, you opt for a truck tool box with pneumatic opening and closing. This feature takes the labor out of accessing your tools.

Cargo Capacity

Truck tool boxes come in all shapes and sizes. The ideal box should have enough room for all your tools and equipment, and the box’s dimensions determine the capacity of any storage box.

There are different options when it comes to height and width. Usually, the size is determined by the dimensions of the truck. I’d recommend the Wheel Well for people with fewer space demands. But if you need more space, go for the chest tool box or consider installing multiple storage spaces.

Truck Bed Size

There is only so much room on the truck. Before buying a truck tool box, you must know the measurements of the truck bed. Usually, these details are available in the vehicle description. Trucks come in either mid-size or full-size beds. 

To avoid doubts, feel free to take measurements. Crucial dimensions are bed length, depth, and distance of the wheel well from the bulkhead. Having this data allows you to make an informed choice.


One of the truck tool box’s primary functions is to protect your gear from bad weather and thieves. Almost all tool boxes will provide adequate protection from the elements. However, keeping thieves takes away little more. High-grade aluminum and steel constructed tool boxes offer the best protection for valuable gear. 

For maximum security, a tool box with a single piece bottom and a gas casket seal keeps out moisture. You should also invest in drill-resistant locks.

Bottom Line

A 60-inch truck tool box is an essential item for every truck owner. When shopping for a truck tool box, it helps to have the right information. Go for what is practical rather than something that looks fancy. Ultimately, your needs, budget, and the size of your truck will help you decide. Stick to the basics, and you won’t go wrong.


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