Find The Best Low-Profile Truck Tool Box For Your Needs!

A truck tool box is a handy accessory for any truck owner. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, general contractor, carpenter, or even a fishing enthusiast, a low-profile tool box will not only keep your tools organized but will also provide the much-needed protection from elements and theft. So, what are some of the best low-profile tool boxes around?

The best low-profile truck tool box should be made from high-quality, durable material, like steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. It should also be large enough to fit various tools and have compartments for proper organization. The locks should also be strong enough to keep your equipment safe.

Best Low Profile Truck Tool Box

Are you curious to learn more about the best low-profile truck tool boxes in the market? Then, you couldn’t be in a better place. Read on as we review some top-rated tool boxes that’ll keep your equipment safe on your truck bed.

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UWS EC10302 63-Inch Low-Profile Aluminum Tool Box

Manufactured by the UWS store, this 63-inch (160-cm) low-profile aluminum tool box is among the strongest truck tool boxes in the market. The UWS made a perfect Toyota Tacoma tool box.

This top-drawer tool box is made from ultra-thick aluminum that’s gloss black in color. It comes with a one-piece, high-quality tub made from aluminum. The tub is strategically angled to accommodate different truck bed sizes, thus eliminating the risk of obstructing your truck’s wheel wells.

The presence of stainless-steel ergonomic handles allows the tool box to remain in place. Even better, the stainless-steel profile ensures the handles are durable despite various elements such as rain, saltwater, and prolonged exposure to the sun. This means you can use the tool box for several years without the need to make repairs or replacements.

Are you worried about organizing tools? Then, you’ll love this low-profile tool box. This bad boy comes with a tool tray for keeping your cargo and tools neat and well organized. Moreover, you’ll also love the screwdriver holders (built-in), which allow you to store and retrieve small items with ease.

UWS 63-Inch Gloss Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Angled Truck Tool Box with Low Profile
This particular truck tool box features a low profile, meaning the lid is built lower than our standard lid. This provides a better view out the rear cab window and additional clearance for other items in the truck bed, if needed.

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  • Easy to install as it comes in different styles and sizes to suit various types of trucks
  • Comes with built-in compartments for neat tool storage and easy retrieval
  • Stainless steel handles are meant to last despite exposure to harsh elements
  • Made from extra-thick, high-quality aluminum
  • Features UWS’s RigidCore technology (patented)
  • The lid comes with a solid foam that’s vital in preventing binding
  • Low-profile lid provides a good view from the rear window


  • The foam beneath the lid tends to wear out rapidly

Weather Guard Low-Profile Aluminum Tool Box

The Weather Guard Low-Profile Aluminum Tool Box comes with a high-quality, tamper-resistant lock (retractable). The tool box is designed to mount on your truck’s side rail and is also usable in combination with saddle or cross boxes.

For ease of use, the low-profile tool box features a latch mechanism (one-touch). You’ll also love the red push-button that allows for ease of opening and closing when the box isn’t locked. The cover can be opened up to an impressive 90 degrees, ensuring you have easy access to your tools.  

Similar to other tool boxes manufactured by Weather Guard, this low-profile tool box is made from thick, high-quality aluminum. The J-hook mounting eliminates the need to drill holes, thus allowing for easy installation.

Weather Guard Cubic Feet Lo-Side Black Aluminum Tool Box
nnerside Truck Box, Black, Single, Overall Width 56 1/4 in, Overall Depth 16 1/4 in, Overall Height 13 1/4 in, Storage Capacity 4.1 cu ft, 16 Gauge, Mounting Style Bolt-On and Clamp-On, Locking System Keyed, Latch Mechanism Push Button, Includes (2) Keys, Body Material Aluminum, Cover Material Aluminum, Lid Type Non-Adjustable

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  • Features a one-touch latch mechanism that allows for easy opening and closure
  • J-hook mounting allows for ease of installation without the need for drilling holes
  • Comes with an extreme protection lock designed to prevent break-ins
  • Cover can open up to 90 degrees, thus allowing for easy access from different angles
  • Comes with a retracting lock that’s tamper-resistant
  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • Box comes with mounting hardware


Dee Zee Red Label Low-Profile Crossover Tool Box

When it comes to durability, not too many low-profile tool boxes can be compared to this one. This quality tool box is made from non-rusting aluminum. The aluminum is covered with a black powder coat that provides extra protection while giving the box a glossy appearance.

The presence of a lid stiffener (double v-pan) enhances the overall strength and rigidity of the low-profile tool box. Moreover, the internal bends also add to the tool box’s strength. 

If you’re concerned about elements getting in the box, then you’ll find the cell foam gasket useful.  

This tool box comes with anchor hooks that ensure it’s well secured to your truck bed. This toolbox perfect fit to Chevy Silverado.

Dee Zee Red Label Crossover Tool Box - Low Profile
Red Label Single Lid Crossover. Constructed of heavy duty Brite-Tread aluminum. Black Tread powder coat, provides a gloss black finish while it protects and prevents oxidation. Crown style lid with a full pan double-V stiffener for superior rigidity. Other features: lockable stainless steel paddle handles, dampened gas shocks, closed cell foam gasket, and self-adjusting strikers. Removable plastic tool tray to help keep small items organized.

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  • Made from non-rusting aluminum
  • The powdered coat gives the tool box a neat, glossy appearance
  • Comes with a lid stiffener that enhances overall strength
  • The cell foam gasket prevents elements from entering the box
  • Anchor hooks allow for easy installation


  • The aluminum is not strong enough to handle strong impacts as it can easily get dented

Better Built Crown Series Low-Profile Crossover Tool Box

This low-profile tool box by Better Built is aesthetically appealing, courtesy of its shiny aluminum exterior. With a total weight of 53 pounds (24.04 kgs) and a 69-inch (175.26-cm) length, you can count on this tool box to keep all your equipment safe in one place.

The tool box comes with self-adjusting strikers that eliminate the need for readjustment. If you’re the type that fancies neat tool arrangement, then you’ll love the 5-pocket organization tray (plastic) that comes with the tool box. The aluminum used in manufacturing this tool box is rust-resistant, meaning you’ll get to use it for long before experiencing the gradual impacts of wear and tear.

The sturdy lid and quality tub only add to the effectiveness of the tool box. Moreover, the presence of a weather seal ensures your tools, fishing equipment, or any accessories will remain safe from the potentially damaging effects of rain, dirt, and extreme humidity.

Better Built Crown Series Low Profile Crossover Tool Box
This Box has an all aluminum construction. Its stylish, low-profile design allows for enhanced visibility of the truck bed. Stainless-steel, locking paddle latches for security. Fits most full-size trucks. Most Tool Boxes & Accessories products are available for in-store pickup from Advance Auto Parts.

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  • Shiny aluminum appearance makes the tool box aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with a plastic tray that ensures tools are properly stored
  • Features a sturdy lid and tub
  • Made from rust-resistant aluminum


  • Cannot be opened from one end

UWS Matte Black Low-Profile Truck Tool Box

UWS has a reputation for producing high-quality, extra durable tool boxes, and the UWS Matte Black Low-Profile Truck Tool Box doesn’t disappoint. Featuring UWS’s patented RigidCore technology, the lid is guaranteed to hold your tools tightly and safely in place.

You’ll also love the solid foam beneath the lid, which prevents binding while maximizing the tool box’s structural integrity. The use of extra-thick aluminum makes the tool box among the toughest in the market. This means it won’t get easily damaged even when heavy items fall on it.

Just like most UWS tool boxes, this bad boy comes with screwdriver holders (built-in) and a tool tray to help you keep all your items well-organized. The matte black coating adds to the overall beauty of this quality tool box.

UWS 69-Inch Matte Black Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Low Profile
This truck bed tool box is built for maximum lid strength and security with patented RigidCore technology. The lid is filled with a solid foam that maximizes structural integrity and helps prevent binding. The low-profile lid also offers a better view out of the rear cab window.

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  • Made from high-quality, extra-thick aluminum
  • Easy to install as it comes with pre-drilled slots and hardware
  • Tool tray and screwdriver holders allow for neat arrangement of tools
  • Matte black appearance enhances the beauty of the tool box
  • Comes with handles made from stainless steel, which enhances durability
  • Features UWS’s RidigCore technology (patented)
  • Three compartment tool tray


  • The tool tray is not the most durable around

UWS TBSD-69-LP Single Lid Tool Box With Insulated Lid

The UWS TBSD-69-LP Single Lid Tool Box with Insulated Lid comes with a one-piece tub meant to absorb tool drops, support extra-heavy loads, and prevent leakage. This durable tool box has self-closing struts that close the lid automatically when pulled gently. Due to this feature, it is possible to lock the box when your hands are full.

The lock handles are made from stainless steel material, which helps reduce the chances of wear and tear due to rust. For proper tool or equipment organization, the tool box comes with a high-quality sliding tray (3 compartments) that’s convenient for small item retrieval and storage.

Another standout feature of this low-profile tool box is the inclusion of foam beneath the lid, which creates a layer of protection that helps prevent warping or bending over time. Moreover, the lid is designed to open up to 90 degrees, making loading and unloading tools easier.

UWS Single Lid Low Profile Deep Aluminum Toolbox with Beveled Insulated Lid
UWS Single Lid Low Profile Deep Aluminum Toolbox with Beveled Insulated Lid fits multiple sizes and shapes to fit nearly every truck bed size and is built 2 inch lower on the bed rail for a better view out rear window and sleeker look.

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  • Comes with self-closing struts that close the lid automatically once gently pulled
  • The three-compartment tray allows for neat organization of tools, which increases accessibility and ease of retrieval
  • The lid is fully foamed, which creates a layer of protection for the tools
  • The tool box is made from high-quality aluminum, which ensures the product is tough and rigid enough to serve you for several years
  • The use of stainless-steel handles means the tool box will resist rust and corrosion, thus slowing down the hands of wear and tear


  • Might fail to open at 90 degrees over time as the lock handles grow weaker

Better Built 73210285 Low-Profile Tool Box

Featuring a classy wedge design, this 61.5-inch (156.21-cm) low-profile tool box comes with a narrow single lid. Both the tub and lid are made from rust-resistant tread plate aluminum, which means the tool box will remain as good as new despite exposure to harsh environmental elements.

Are you concerned about security? Then, you should consider this low-profile tool box by Better Built. This bad boy comes with a cam paddle handle (double static) that latches with relative ease and is a breeze to open. Unlike most tool boxes that take up much space in your truck bed, the slim size makes the tool box a genuine space saver.

For smooth access and removal of tools, this Better Built Low-Profile Truck Tool Box comes with self-rising shocks. The shocks allow the lid to lift automatically, making it possible to access and remove tools with a single hand.

Better Built Truck Tool Box, Black
The lid and tub are made 100% from rust-resistant diamond tread plate aluminum. Compatible with the GripRite No Drill installation kit

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  • Comes with double static locking handles that latch easily and securely
  • Tub and lid are made from rust-resistant diamond treated aluminum
  • Features a slim design that allows for space conservation at the back of the truck
  • The presence of high-quality auto-lift shocks means you can easily access the tool box with one hand
  • Classy wedge shape gives the tool box a unique appearance


  • Not made from the most durable material that can withstand falls and aggressive handling

Lund 71-Inch Diamond Plated Truck Tool Box

This 71-inch (180.34-cm) low-profile tool box is made of durable, high-quality aluminum. Its diamond-plated finish ensures the tool box can withstand various harsh elements. For increased durability, the black finish is electrostatically applied, which allows the tool box to withstand thorough beatings and extreme conditions.

The low-profile handles allow you to view through the rear window, while the availability of a lifetime warranty means you’re unlikely to lose your hard-earned cash with the purchase of this tool box. The lifetime warranty protects you from defects in workmanship and materials.

To prevent leakages, the Lund 71-Inch Diamond Plated Truck Tool Box comes with waterproof gaskets, while its one-piece, compact design allows you to save on space in your truck bed. You’ll also love the notched lead and high-quality locking mechanism that is highly unlikely to fail even after years of use.

Lund 71-Inch Aluminum Push Button Full Lid Cross Bed Truck Tool Box, Diamond Plated, Black
The Lund 71-Inch Aluminum Push Button Cross Bed Truck Tool Box is ideal for storing boat, equestrian, motorcycle and snowmobile accessories and construction equipment. Made of aluminum, this box will fit on most full-size trucks.

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  • The top rail design allows for maximum visibility through the rear window
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty that protects against workmanship and materials defects
  • Push-button makes opening the tool box a breeze, while the waterproof gaskets protect tools from water and excess humidity
  • Made from high-quality, extra-durable aluminum that prevents denting even amidst a heavy impact
  • Rust and scratch-resistant, courtesy of the diamond-tread finish


  • The storage tray doesn’t have many compartments for storing different-sized tools

Jobox PAC1585000 Single Lid Low-Profile Truck Box

If you want proper tool organization, then you don’t need to look any further than the Jobox PAC1585000 Single Lid Low-Profile Truck Box. This extra deep low-profile truck box comes with a high-quality 4-compartment plastic sliding tray.

You’ll also love the self-aligning latches that allow for side to side locking when you need to access your tools frequently. However, you can also lock the lid using the gear lock for extra security when on the go. 

The lock console is made from extra strong, high-quality material that ensures the locking mechanism works as expected. This means no burglar, no matter how skilled or experienced, will break into your quality tool box.

The presence of a rigid structural lid ensures your contents are well protected from elements and security risks. For easy access when looking to access or place your tools, the manufacturers mounted push-buttons on each end. This eliminates the need to open the tool box in one direction.

Jobox Aluminum Single Lid Full size Super Deep Crossover Truck Box
Delta Size Bright aluminum Single Lid Super Deep Crossover Truck Box complement the truck design and provide an improved view of the bed and rear of the truck. They offer the same high-strength security and other features of standard-height Delta Pro crossovers.

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  • Rigid structural lid (RSL) is laminated for superior strength
  • Rust-resistant, courtesy of the Armor-Brite Powder finish
  • The dual rotary, self-adjusting gear lock system allows for enhanced protection of tools and other accessories
  • The 4-compartment plastic tray (sliding) ensures all accessories are neatly arranged inside the tool box
  • Made from high-quality material that prevents buckling and denting
  • Latch pins self-align and lock the lid to allow for easy access during projects
  • Can be opened in any direction


  • Likely to scratch if roughly handled

Weather Guard 121001 Aluminum Low-Profile Tool Box

This US-manufactured low-profile tool box weighs a solid 76 pounds (34.73 kgs) and is made from durable aluminum. The use of high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum increases this tool box’s durability, especially when used in highly humid and salty locations.

Although the lid is non-adjustable, it does incorporate a latch mechanism in its design. You’ll also love the two sets of keys that can be used to open and shut the locking system. The Weather Guard 121001 Aluminum Low-Profile Tool Box’s tray doesn’t come with a lot of compartments. However, it is large enough to fit most of your accessories.

Weather Guard - Aluminum Low Profile Tool Box
Crossover Truck Box, Silver, Single, Overall Width 71-1/2 In., Overall Depth 20-1/4 In., Overall Height 15 In., Storage Capacity 8.8 cu. ft., 16 Gauge, Mounting Style Crimp-Free, Drill-Free Clamped Brackets, Locking System Keyed, Latch Mechanism Push Button, Includes (2) Keys, Body Material Aluminum, Cover Material Aluminum, Lid Type Non-Adjustable

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  • Made from thick aluminum material that enhances overall durability
  • Incorporates a latch mechanism and a push-button for ease of usage
  • The use of anti-rust cover material ensures it’ll last long enough without the risk of wear and tear
  • Tough exterior reduces the chances of damage along the line of duty
  • Spacious enough to fit both large and small-sized equipment  


  • The lid is non-adjustable

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Low-Profile Truck Tool Box

With several low-profile truck tool boxes available in the market, it’s important to know the main factors to consider. These toolboxes come with varying features. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss some of the main features to keep in mind when looking to buy a product that suits your preferences.

Material and Construction

As observable from our above review, most truck toolboxes are made from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel materials. Here’s a brief discussion of each of these materials:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is used in tool box construction due to its lightweight nature. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it ideal for usage in lightweight truck toolboxes. The main advantage of aluminum is its resistance to rust and gradual deterioration over time.
  • Steel: Known for their durability, steel toolboxes are among the most popular types of tool boxes. Steel-constructed toolboxes are usually heavier than most types of truck toolboxes. However, they need extra powder coating to prevent rusting as steel is highly susceptible to rust, especially in salty and humid environments.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel truck tool boxes are known for their corrosion resistance, toughness, and rigidity. Purchasing a low-profile stainless-steel tool box is a sure guarantee that you won’t need to make any future replacements or repairs. However, if you opt to purchase a low-profile stainless-steel toolbox, then you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount as these tool boxes are pretty expensive.

Cargo Capacity

You’ll find that most low-profile tool boxes are classified as fit down-size or fit full-size. If you want large tool boxes that can accommodate more tools and accessories, then you should go for full-size fitting low-profile truck tool boxes.

On the other hand, down-size low-profile tool boxes are significantly smaller and work best in small pickups. Therefore, before purchasing a low-profile truck tool box, it is highly advisable to examine your truck’s size, more specifically its width, length, and depth measurements.  


The main idea behind purchasing a truck toolbox is to keep your cargo, accessories, or tools safe either when driving or in case you’ve left your truck to attend to your duties. As a result, you’ll need a truck toolbox that’s strong and safe enough to protect your valuables. 

Therefore, before purchasing any low-profile toolbox, it is highly advisable to check on the security features available.


Always check on whether a truck toolbox is easy to use. Ideally, the lid shouldn’t be too hard to open or close. Some toolboxes have lids with latches for ease of use, while others can be opened from different sides courtesy of side push-buttons.

You should always check whether the toolbox is easy to use as the last thing you want is to spend minutes trying to open or close your box.


The organization is important when handling equipment and work cargo. Purchasing a truck toolbox with enough compartments will help you save both time and energy. While two-compartment slides are common, you can even get toolboxes with 4 or more compartments. Either way, you’ll need a toolbox with enough compartments if you want to keep your tools organized.

Ease of Installation

You’ll need to install your low-profile tool box on the side of your truck bed. Some usually come with pre-drilled hardware and mounting slots, while others will need manual drilling. In case you don’t know a thing or two about installing a low-profile tool box safely into your truck, then it’s best to outsource the work to an expert.

FAQs About Low-Profile Tool Boxes

What Is a Truck Tool Box?

A truck tool box is a unique type of tool box designed specifically for usage on trucks. While some are designed for mounting along the truck bed’s sides, others like low-profile tool boxes are meant to be installed either permanently or semi-permanently from the right bed rail to the left bed rail.

What Are Truck Tool Boxes Mostly Made Of?

Truck tool boxes can be made from a variety of materials. Most commonly, however, truck tool boxes are made from diamond-tread aluminum or diamond-tread steel (heavier option). The idea is to purchase tool boxes made from rust and corrosion-resistant materials.

How Can I Ensure the Tool Box Dimensions Match My Truck?

Since the widest areas (handles) of your low-profile truck tool box will sit on top of the left and right bed rails, you’ll need to measure the outward distance between the rails. To determine the maximum depth, it is highly advisable to measure your truck’s beds’ walls. This will allow you to determine the ideal measurements for your tool box before making any purchase.

How Can I Install a Tool Box on My Truck?

The installation of a tool box on a truck depends on several factors, the top of the list being the installation method recommended by the manufacturer. 

Some low-profile tool boxes come installation-ready, meaning you’ll receive installation hardware that installs in the stake pockets and pre-drilled holes. However, point to note, always check if the lid is opening as required before proceeding further with the installation process.

How Do I Secure My Low-Profile Truck Tool Box?

Again, this one depends on the type of truck tool box you purchase. While some low-profile tool boxes might come with integrated locking systems, others tend to have hooks for padlock installation. If you need to buy a padlock separately, go for high-quality, tamper-proof options.

Advantages of Low-Profile Truck Tool Boxes

Great Storage

Depending on your profession, hobbies, or interests, you’re likely to have a whole arsenal of relevant accessories and tools. A truck tool box allows you to store these tools in one place without them lying and sliding (aimlessly) around the truck bed. In short, a truck tool box is an amazing way to keep all your gadgets and tools in one place.

Proper Organization

Everyone hates searching for extra small equipment amidst an entire collection of both large and small tools. If you’re the type that loves to organize your important tools for ease of retrieval, then a truck tool box is a must-have. Most modern tool boxes come with sliding trays with various compartments, which allows for the proper organization of equipment.

Protection From Weather

Snow, UV rays, and rain are some of the elements that might end up ruining your tools and equipment if left exposed on the truck bed. Most high-quality tool boxes feature a tough foam beneath the lid that acts as a shield against elements. The weatherstripping foam prevents dust, moisture, and rain from seeping in and destroying your tools, thus extending their service life.

Theft Prevention

Among the main reasons to purchase a tool box for your truck is to keep your accessories and equipment safe. Leaving your tools exposed on the truck bed is a sure recipe for disaster, especially if they’re valuable to your trade and expensive to purchase. 

As a result, you should invest in high-quality truck tool boxes. Always check on the material used and the lock mechanism in place to ensure you get durable tool boxes that will serve you for years.

Wrapping Up

Now that we’ve discussed some of the best low-profile tool boxes in the market, you should be well-placed to choose one that perfectly suits your storage needs. Remember to always check on truck and tool box measurements to ensure you buy a product that’s compatible with your car.

Some other important factors to consider are the material used in construction and safety features. Always ensure the material used is rust and corrosion-resistant since the tool box will be constantly exposed to potentially harmful elements.  


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