Best Heavy-Duty Tool Boxes for Trucks


Having a durable, dependable, and safe tool box is essential to a hardworking tradesperson or a technician’s daily life. The best tool boxes keep all the tools you need for the job handy, saving you time and effort. But which are the best heavy-duty tool boxes for your truck?

The best heavy-duty tool boxes for trucks include Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box, Buyers Products Black Steel Topsider, Montezuma Triangular Chest Tool Box, and Buyers Products Black Steel Underbody Truck Box.

In this article, first, we will review what you should consider when purchasing a tool box for your truck. We’ll then review each of the four top-rated tool boxes to understand how they best suit your needs.

Top Considerations When Buying a Truck Tool Box

You should consider three primary factors when buying a heavy-duty tool box for your truck:


As the name suggests, a truck tool box has one primary job, and that’s to secure your expensive tools. Stashing your tools in a box under a tonneau cover won’t cut it.

Tool theft will cost you money and pose a risk to your livelihood. Stolen tools lead to needless stress and will cost you lots of time and effort to replace them. Not to mention the resultant loss of income since you can’t fill contracts without some specialty tools.

Since truck tool boxes are vehicle-mounted, thick-walled, and sturdy metal safe, they keep your tools safe and secure around the clock. More than keeping your tools safe from the elements, truck tool boxes double as a theft deterrent.

The most secure truck tool boxes are heavy, attach firmly to the truck bed, and come with a rotary latch mechanism. They sit flush with the truck’s body, making it difficult for a would-be burglar to break into them with a crowbar.

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Truck tool boxes are made from three primary materials—stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. Each of these materials boasts unique strengths and drawbacks.

  • Aluminum: These truck tool boxes are made from sheet aluminum with a diamond pattern. Diamond plate aluminum is sturdy, beautiful, lightweight, and affordable. The strength to weight ratio of aluminum is higher than steel’s and isn’t susceptible to rust.
  • Steel: Steel tool boxes are rigid, durable, and can withstand substantial abuse. They’re ideal when carting heavy tools that are likely to damage the box as they shift. They come with a powder-coated finish as protection from rusting and corrosion.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel truck tool boxes combine the strength of steel with aluminum’s corrosion resistance. Stainless steel’s superior qualities make these boxes more expensive, and you’ll pay a premium to own them. Despite impressive corrosion resistance, stainless steel tool boxes are susceptible to rusting in highly corrosive environments.


The mounting style dictates how the truck tool box sits on the truck bed and how you can access the tool box’s contents. Consider the how, when, and where you’ll be using the tool box when picking a style.

  • Crossover tool boxes: They sit across the truck bed and rest on the bed rails without touching the floor.
  • Side-mounted tool boxes: They’re mounted on the side rails, spanning the entire length of the truck bed. They’re ideal for carting long tools as they have more space.
  • Chest tool boxes: Unlike the side-rail-mounted crossover tool boxes, chest tool boxes sit on the truck bed. They have a larger carrying capacity while allowing the use of truck canopies and tonneau covers.
  • Wheel well tool boxes: These L-shaped boxes fit in the space between the truck’s tailgate and the wheel well. They’re a great space saver and ideal for smaller tools.
  • Underbed tool boxes: They’re ideal for flatbed trucks since they’re mounted underneath the truck’s chassis.

Best Crossover Tool Box: Weather Guard Black Aluminum Saddle Box

With its small footprint, the Weather Guard tool box lets you secure your precious tools without impacting rear window visibility. This saddle box sits low on the truck bed, which means you can still add a tonneau cover for added protection.

The cross bed tool box comprises a thick, rugged aluminum construction that makes it once in a lifetime purchase. Since it’s strong, roomy, and heavy-duty, it’ll last you for a lifetime.

The roomy saddle box is larger enough to let you keep all the tools you need in your job in the truck. That saves time, money, and effort since you’ll never need to make unnecessary trips to pick tools.

The lid on this tool box opens nearly 90° to allow you full access to its contents. Better yet, you don’t need to walk around the opposite side of the truck to close and lock the tool box.

Lowering the sturdy lid from one side of the truck is enough to close the tool box and cause the locks to latch. Superior craftsmanship means the tool box comes with smooth locks and latches that won’t stick or leak all over your tools.

The saddle box comes with a sliding tray that hooks on both sides to eliminate movement while you drive. A plastic organizer gives the tool box a nice touch and saves time.

Weather Guard - 117-5-02 117502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
  • Mpn: 117-5-02
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer: Weather Guard
  • Country of origin: China

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  • Tough and durable: It’s made from lightweight and durable diamond-plated aluminum material and will probably outlast your truck. The tool box will endure any abuse you throw at it, even the rigors of off-road driving.
  • Weatherproof: You have the comfort of knowing that inclement weather doesn’t pose a threat to your precious tools. The tool box’s superior build and material let it shrug off anything mother nature can throw at it—rain, hail, snow, and more.  
  • Ample storage space: With its overall height of 18.5 inches (47 cm) and a 15.3 cubic feet (0.43 cubic meters) storage capacity, this saddle box stores everything. It stores all your tools while allowing you to stay organized for quick storage and retrieval.
  • Superior locking mechanism: The saddle box boasts a keyed locking system coupled with an innovative latch mechanism with push buttons. The locking mechanism paired with the excellent brand reputation are exceptional theft deterrent measures. They make your truck unattractive to burglars and vandals.
  • Easy to install: This cross box comes with a complimentary 16-gauge mounting crimp and clamping brackets. That allows for easy installation without the need to drill holes into the box that could ruin its integrity.


  • Pricey: Given its excellent craftsmanship and superior build, this saddle box carries a premium price. However, it’ll protect your valuable tools from all threats—damage, inclement weather, and vandals.

Best Underbody Tool Box: Buyers Products Black Steel Underbody Truck Box

Space is a primary consideration when driving a flatbed, and this underbody-mounted tool box lets you secure your tools without compromising it. It enables you to carry all the tools you need for a job without denting your flatbed’s carrying capacity.

The steel tool box with a diamond-plated aluminum lid mounts discreetly between a flatbed’s tires. The choice of superior building materials allows the undercarriage mounted tool box to weather the harshest environments.

It opens outwards to allow quick access to the tools inside, and the aluminum door is securely mounted on the steel body with aircraft-grade cables. A continuous hinge joint enables you to close and open the lid effortlessly and unobstructed.

Despite opening sideways, this weatherproof tool box keeps your tools safe from the elements. It comes with a superior gasket seal that’s instrumental in locking out the weather. You’ll never have to worry about water and moisture penetrating the replaceable gasket seal.

Since safety is a primary consideration when lagging tools worth thousands of dollars, this underbody tool box boasts a superior locking mechanism. It comes with a stainless steel compression lock and a hidden hinge to guard against tool theft. The dual flush T-handle locking latches give the diamond-plated aluminum lid a beautiful appeal.

Buyers Products 1702510 Black Steel Underbody Truck Box with Aluminum Door, 18 x 18 x 48 Inch
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  • Steel body with an aluminum lid: The innovative design results in a robust tool box with an ultra-light door. Since aluminum is lighter than steel, you don’t have to contend with a heavy door when opening this tool box. A lightweight door is gentle on your joint and lowers the possibility of throwing your back. The lid is connected with strong cables and a stainless steel continuous hinge.
  • Strong and sturdy: The tool box is crafted from 14-gauge steel coupled with a 12-gauge aluminum diamond-plated door. The use of superior materials, including aircraft-grade cables and replaceable gasket, makes for a heavy-duty tool box and improves longevity. You can ferry heavy tools confidently without any worries whatsoever.
  • Beautiful powdered finish: The black powdered finish gives the tool box a stunning look while helping to safeguard against rust and corrosion. The color also makes the storage box less conspicuous among the black tires.
  • Undercarriage mounted: Sturdy and durable, this tool box is perfect for a flatbed truck. Now, you can cart all the tools and materials you need to complete a job.
  • Spacious: At 48 x 18 x 18 inches (121.9 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm), this tool box comes with ample storage space to accommodate all your tools. The generous length can accommodate just about any tool you need for the job. You can also partition the space if your toolkit comprises smaller tools.
  • Made in the USA: Unlike some cheap imports, this tool box is crafted by Buyers Products, a renowned US-based company. Since the boxes meet the stringent US manufacturing standards, they have a superior build and craftsmanship.
  • Superior locking mechanism: It uses a stainless steel continuous hinge bolted inside the tool box to join the body’s lid and rest. Coupling that with a die-cast stainless steel compression latch makes the tool box ultra-secure.
  • Replaceable gasket: The tool box uses a D-bulb seal along the edges of the lid to guard against water and moisture. By weatherproofing the tool box, the gasket sealing protects your expensive tools against rust and corrosion. You get to replace a worn gasket with a new one and keep your tools safe.


  • Requires professional installation: An underbody tool box installation requires brackets, welding, or nuts and bolts. That often calls for special tools that aren’t readily available at home.
  • A bit pricey: While the price varies with size, the tool box is noticeably costlier than most models on the market. However, it’s money well-spent given the tool box is made in the USA and comprises durable materials.

Best Side-Mounted Tool Box: Buyers Products Black Steel Topsider Truck Box

Sometimes, you need additional storage spaces alongside the space inside your truck bed. That’s when you get the Black Steel Topsider tool box from Buyers Products.

This side-mounted topsider fits on either side of your truck to free up space on the inside. Better yet, you can mount the truck tool box on the side pack of the utility body with mounting brackets.

The tool box comes with double doors to let you keep organized while out on a job site. You get to arrange your tools according to their uses and the projects at hand. Proper organization saves you time by keeping the tools you need for each job handy. It also lowers the likelihood of misplacing your pricey tools.

The pure steel tool box comes with a white or black powder coating to protect it from corrosion and rust while improving its durability. Solid construction saves you money because you’ll never need a replacement.

Topsider tool boxes open outwards to allow you quick access to their content without the need to climb up into the truck bed. That’s especially handy if you work with heavy tools and equipment.

Side access makes it easy and convenient to load and offload tools, which is ideal for anyone with joint and back issues.

Buyers Products - 1725651 Contractor Toolbox With Bottom Drawers, Black Diamond Tread Aluminum, 88 x 13.5 Inches Bottom (Including Door) x 11.5 Inches Top (Including Door)
  • Dimensions: 16"(H) x 13"(D) x 96"(W) - # Latches: 4
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  • Heavy and durable: The tool box is made from thick 16-gauge steel, while the door is crafted from 14-gauge steel. The combination allows for an ultra-strong storage box with an easy-to-use door.
  • Weatherproof: The tool box comes with two recessed drop doors, beveled door edges, a watertight gasket system, and continuous steel hinges. That allows it to shut out the weather and keep your tools safe from water and moisture.
  • Superior locks: Each of the doors on the topsider truck tool box comes with a T-handle made of stainless steel. These durable and dependable locks are easy to open with the right keys. However, they’re impossible to pry open with a crowbar.
  • Ample storage space: The steel side topsider stands 16 inches (40.6 cm) high, 13 inches (33 cm) wide, and 88 inches (223.5 cm) long. That provides you with sufficient storage space for most of the standard tools. You can opt for the 96 inches (243.8 cm) long box if dealing with long tools or the 72-inch (182.9-cm) model if your truck is smaller.
  • Rust and corrosion resistance: Each of these tool boxes is treated to withstand rust and corrosion. The white or black powder coating improves the boxes’ aesthetic appeal while actively making them weatherproof.
  • Reinforced doors: The recessed 14-gauge steel doors come with reinforced backbones to improve security. The combination creates sturdy, unbreakable, but lightweight doors that open and close effortlessly.


  • Pricey: Buying this premium heavy-duty truck tool box will set you back a tidy bundle, but the superior construction, durable materials, and longevity make the purchase worthwhile.

Best Chest-Style Tool Box: Montezuma Portable Triangular Tool Box

When your job calls for a myriad of different tools, you need a tool box that allows you to keep each of them handy. True to their word, this Montezuma tool box ensures that you leave home with all the tools you need for any job.

This durable tool storage chest boasts a unique triangular design and affords your tools matchless protection. Unlike rectangular designs, the triangular shape lets this chest sit higher than most to give you more storage space.

It’s the perfect choice if your line of work calls for different-sized wrenches and a bunch of other small tools. The compact, tiered storage system lets you store and arrange a wide variety of tools using a logical and efficient system.

That allows quick access while putting all the tools you need in handy whenever you need them. The time-saving factor and peace of mind you derive from this triangular chest tool box are invaluable.

Made from heavy-gauge steel, this chest is professionally crafted and assembled with precision to ensure integrity and longevity. The tool box is specially built to store metric tools but also has space for your larger tools. It boasts a multi-tiered design to help you keep your tools set neat and organized while allowing quick access.

A glance is all it takes to pick the right tool since the tool chest allows you to arrange them logically according to sizes.

Montezuma – XL450B – 36-Inch Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox – Multi-Tier Design – 16-Gauge Construction – SAE and Metric Tool Chest – Weather-Resistant Toolbox – Lock and Latching System, Black
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  • Unique triangular design: The chest comes with a space-saving triangular design while allowing you quick access to your tools. The tool box features a relatively narrow base that doesn’t take up too much space on your truck bed.
  • Versatile: You can mount the Montezuma chest tool box on your truck or plop it on the truck bed for the jobs that call for metric or SAE tools. Its unique design and solid construction give it matchless stability and balance so it won’t fall over.
  • Professionally engineered: This portable tool box is crafted for the tradesperson who demands the best. It’s made from 16-gauge steel sheets that are professionally welded, and it comes with inbuilt drawers and heavy-duty hinges. The chest can withstand the abuse that comes with frequent usage without breaking down.
  • Multi-layered design: Since the Montezuma tool chest is crafted with SAE and metric tools in mind, it comes with a handy tiered arrangement. The tiers allow you to keep your tools well organized while providing quick access. You get to separate the tools according to your needs and frequency of use.
  • Innovative locking system: The professionally engineered locks and latches on the chest keep your tools safe. Since the tool chest comes with tamper-proof locks, you don’t have to worry about someone making away with your tools.
  • Weatherproof: The rugged and reliable 16-gauge steel chest tool box is fitted with a weather-resistant seal around the lid. That keeps away the dust, moisture, and grime from penetrating the tool box and corroding your tools.
  • Beautiful look: The triangular chest tool box from the Montezuma comes in an appealing black and is built for outdoor usage. The black powder finish is UV resistant and won’t fade following extended exposure to the sun.
  • Ample storage: The chest tool box comes with pegs that can hold up to 200 various-sized sockets. It also features 39 pegs to hold combination wrenches and additional storage space for the large tools.
  • Easy access: The tool box features a pair of inbuilt gas springs to raise the door and the socket tray when open. Raising the socket tray exposes additional storage underneath where you can store other tools.


  • Pricey: You might have to save up quite a bit of money to afford this compact tool storage box, but it’s worth every cent. Its reliable engineering guarantees durability.

Final Thoughts

While the four heavy-duty truck tool boxes carry a premium price, they’re worth every cent. Each tool box is made from durable material coupled with exceptional engineering and craftsmanship, resulting in a superior durable product.

They have ample storage space and different mounting options to suit the truck you have and the type of tools you need for work. These hardy tool boxes can withstand the daily abuse of a tradesperson’s schedule without breaking down and ruining your tools.


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