Low-Profile Truck Tool Box for Chevy Silverado Buyer’s Guide

A truck-mounted tool box is much more than a place to stash your tools. It pretty much becomes part of your work truck and driving experience. Low-profile truck tool boxes make for a safer driving experience.

The best low-profile truck tool boxes for Chevy Silverado include Weather Guard Full Truck Tool Box, UWS Gull Wing Aluminum Tool Box, UWS Deep Truck Tool Box, Lund Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Tool Box, and Delta Aluminum Crossover Truck Tool Box.


In this article, we’ll explore what to look for when buying a low-profile truck tool box for your Chevy Silverado. We’ll also review some of the top-rated truck tool boxes to help you pick the best fit for your truck.

What To Consider When Buying a Tool Box for a Chevy Silverado

Buying a truck tool box online can be a tricky undertaking since you’re faced with many choices. Making proper considerations is key to your success as truck tool boxes don’t follow a one-size-fits-all rule.

Truck tool boxes come in various types, shapes, sizes, profiles, and capacities to hold tools. They’re also made from different materials. More than picking a low-profile tool box that fits your Chevy Silverado, it’s essential to consider these factors as well.

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Low-profile tool boxes for Chevy Silverado are made from three primary materials—steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. While each of these materials is strong and durable, they confer different advantages to tool box owners.

  • Aluminum: Low-profile saddle boxes are made from diamond-plated aluminum sheets. Diamond-plated aluminum is strong, lightweight, durable, and affordable. It’s not susceptible to rust and boasts a higher weight-to-strength ratio than steel.
  • Steel: Steel is a solid material with a long lifespan and resilience. The sheets come with a powder-coated finish to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. Steel tool boxes are ideal for carrying bulky tools since they can withstand substantial abuse.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is superior to the previous materials because it couples aluminum’s rust resistance with the steel’s strength. Unfortunately, that makes stainless steel truck tool boxes the most expensive on the market. Still, they’re a worthwhile investment for the tradesperson looking to secure their expensive tools.

Truck Model

Tool boxes come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to fit trucks with varying dimensions. It’s essential to ascertain that a tool box will fit your vehicle before buying it. Getting the wrong tool box is highly inconveniencing as it means sending it back and reordering the right size.

Storage Needs

Truck tool boxes come in various shapes and sizes to meet different storage needs. The type and number of tools you need to cart around in your truck determine the type and size of a tool box to buy. A basic tool box will suffice if dealing with simple tools, but only a highly organized one can fit your metric tools.

Load Capacity

A tool box’s design and construction material determine its loading capacity. Each box ships with a predetermined storage capacity, so you should consider the storage threshold when buying one. Most low-profile truck tool boxes have a load capacity of about 50 pounds (22.7 kgs).


When buying a tool box for your Chevy Silverado, weatherproofing is a factor to consider. Water and moisture are your enemies as they herald rusting and corrosion in metallic tools. The best low-profile truck tool boxes are weatherproofed to keep your tools bone dry during inclement weather.


Superior truck tool boxes couple strong, durable materials with top-rated hinges, latches, and locking mechanism. They also feature exceptional designs that make them impervious to crowbars. Nothing short of a professional locksmith can crack them open.


Most truck tool boxes are available in silver or black, regardless of their construction material. It’s advisable to pick silver over a black color if you live in a hot region and your toolkit includes lots of electric equipment. Alternatively, you might pair the low-profile tool box with a tonneau cover.

Mounting Mechanism

Low-profile tool boxes often don’t rest on the truck bed of your Chevy Silverado. Instead, they rest on the bed rails. Therefore, they need proper mounting and fasteners to secure them to the truck. Preferably, pick a tool box with a mounting mechanism that won’t require drilling holes on its surface.

Weather Guard Full Low-Profile Truck Tool Box

A superior truck tool box at an excellent price, the Weather Guard, is the best option for the busy person who needs professional protection for their tools.

With its heavy-duty construction and tamper-proof locks, this low-profile tool box is the perfect way to protect your tools. You’ll no longer worry about leaving your tools in the truck overnight in a parking lot. You have the assurance that your toolkit is safe and secure from the vandals and the elements.

The diamond-plated aluminum saddle box comes with 9.5 cubic feet (0.3 cubic meters) of storage to meet all your storage needs. Small parts sliding tray makes it easy to keep organized and access the tools you need quickly.

The Weather Guard low-profile saddle box features excellent craftsmanship and ships with a 7-year manufacturer guarantee. The warranty coupled with the use of superior aluminum material makes this saddle box an ideal purchase.

Bottom Line: We highly recommend the Weather Guard low-profile saddle box if you’re looking for a hardy and durable truck tool box that won’t break the bank. It fits all Chevy Silverado models, including 1500, 2500 HD, and 3500 HD. It will keep your toolkits safe from the elements and vandals and handle the daily abuse without unraveling at the seams.

Weather Guard Low-Profile Saddle Box
Low-Profile Saddle Box for full-size trucks provides Professional Protection. This new truck box includes a tamper-resistant push-button lock, looped strikers, steel reinforced, D-shaped ribbed weather stripping and heavy-duty four-piece welded aluminum box construction.

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  • Strong and durable: It’s made from four diamond-plated aluminum sheets that are professionally welded to ensure maximum structural integrity and strength.
  • Long lifespan: A black powder-coated finish adds to the aluminum box’s ability to resist rusting and corrosion while increasing its lifespan. This saddle box will outlast your truck to serve you for a lifetime.
  • Heavy-duty security: The saddle box ships with a pair of dual-stage rotary latches coupled with durable steel-reinforced looped strikers to fasten the lid securely.
  • Reinforced lid: The lid closes tightly, thanks to the heavy-duty strikers that lock into the reinforced C-channel. The heavy-duty welding allows the top to resist pry-ins with a crowbar. The front panel is also reinforced to safeguard against pry-ins.
  • Tamper-proof locks: The tool box uses tamper-resistant push-button locks paired with a drill-proof keyhole. The lock makes it impossible to break into your tool box even when your truck is packed in public.
  • Matchless organization: The plastic sliding tray and built-in side compartments help you keep organized.
  • Effortless opening: A pair of gas struts support the heavy-duty aluminum lid. That eliminates the chances of a cover falling and causing an injury while lowering the amount of effort needed to lift it.
  • Weather-resistant: The saddle box features D-shaped, ribbed weatherstripping to keep dust, grime, and water out of the tool box. That ensures your tools always have maximum protection from the elements.


  • Locks open one at a time: You can’t open both locks from one side of the truck. That means hopping on the truck bed whenever you need to open the tool box.
  • Can get banged up in transit: Some boxes sustain damage during shipping. Inspect your package thoroughly for damage on receipt to avoid this problem.

UWS Gull Wing Aluminum Low-Profile Tool Box

The gull-wing crossover tool box from UWS is the perfect choice when looking for a handy and convenient way to store your tools. Unlike the conventional tool boxes, this version comes with two lids that open from either side. Gull wings give you half-box access from each side of the truck.

The low-profile saddle box is made from heavy-duty, diamond-plated aluminum sheets welded to form a single tub. The excellent craftsmanship makes for a durable, beautiful, and structurally sound tool box that won’t quit on you.

A superior locking mechanism secures each of the half lids to the box to keep your tools safe from thieves and vandals. You’re assured that someone won’t break into your tool box during a rest stop or on-site.

Bottom Line: The gull-wing aluminum tool box from UWS is ideal if you prefer a safe and secure yet handy storage space for your tools. The unique lid design makes for easy access while allowing you to stay organized. It’s made from durable, diamond-plated aluminum and fits all full-sized trucks.

UWS Gull Wing Aluminum Toolbox with Beveled Insulated Lid
UWS Gull Wing Aluminum Toolbox with Beveled Insulated Lid mounts permanently to the roofs of camper shells or fibreglass rooftops to create a convenient and stylish platform for multipurpose roof racks. It features two single lids for ease of usage and more security.

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  • One-piece tub design: Diamond-plated aluminum sheets are professionally welded to create a structurally-sound tub. The unique design prevents water-leakage while allowing the tool box to support massive loads and absorb the impact of dropped tools.
  • RigidCore lid: The patented cover features a rigid core consisting of a foam layer sandwiched between two thick aluminum sheets. That creates a lightweight top that won’t bend or buckle under pressure.
  • Self-closing struts: The lid is joined to the box with pistons that automatically raise and close the lid. A slight nudge closes and locks the tool box, saving you the hassle of putting the tools down when your hands are full.
  • Stainless steel locks: The durable and robust lock handles make for a dependable way to secure your tools. Stainless steel’s ability to resist rust and corrosion means you’ll never deal with sticking locks.
  • Matchless organization: Two in-built trays and screwdriver holders not only help you to keep organized but also adds to the tool box’s strength and rigidity.
  • Limitless access: Each of the gull-wing lids lifts to 90 degrees to give you full access to the tool box from either side. You can load your tools for each side of the truck.
  • Specialized storage: The half-access design comes in handy if you deal with two different sets of tools. You can store each tool kit on the other side for quick access to let you save time and effort.


  • Unsuitable for long tools: The gull-wing design makes the tool box unsuitable for storing bulky, long tools.

UWS Deep Low-Profile Truck Tool Box

The UWS Deep Low-Profile Saddle Box is ideal when you need extra storage space for your tools.

The black, diamond-plated aluminum saddle box stands 23 inches (58.4 cm) high, 21 inches (53.3 cm) wide, and 73 inches (185.4 cm) across. The extra height allows you to carry all the tools you need for any job.

The low-profile truck tool box is the perfect way to maximize the storage space in your Chevy Silverado. It fits perfectly on the bed rails to ensure that you have full use of your truck bed when ferrying long pieces of lumber.

The low-profile saddle box from UWS is made from heavy, diamond-plated aluminum, featuring innovative technology to improve its lifespan and functionality. It makes for effortless opening and uses matchless technology to secure your tools from thieves, vandals, and the elements.

Its unique design makes it easy to stay organized while letting you access all the tools quickly and efficiently without straining your muscles and joints.

Bottom Line: The UWS crossover truck tool box is the perfect way to stay organized while on the go. Its superior construction materials and excellent engineering make for safe and durable storage space for your valuable toolkit. The lid opens effortlessly to let you access the tool box when carrying tools in your hands.

UWS 69-Inch Matte Black Heavy-Wall Aluminum Truck Tool Box
UWS crossover truck tool boxes are the tried-and-true way of keeping your tools organized, on-hand and fully secure no matter where you and your truck roam. Each UWS tool box is built from extra-thick aluminium welded into a single-piece tub.

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  • Superior durable construction: The low-profile saddle box is made from thick diamond-plated aluminum sheets. Excellent craftsmanship and welding turn the sheets into a single-piece tub with superior strength and integrity.
  • RigidCore foam-filled cover design: The foam is layered between aluminum sheets to increase the lid’s structural integrity without increasing its weight. The core keeps the cover from warping and bending while ensuring effortless opening and closing.
  • Self-opening struts: The innovative, lightweight lid comes with a pair of self-opening pistons for effortless operation. Now, you can open the cover without setting the tools down first when your hands are full.
  • Weatherstripping: The low-profile crossover tool box for Chevy Silverado features a MicroSeal gasket to protect the box’s content from the elements. You can be sure that your tools are safe from water, moisture, dust, and grime.
  • In-built tool trays: The UWS saddle box features in-built screwdriver holders and a sliding tray with three-compartments to keep you organized. Tool holders help to keep the tool box tidy and clutter-free.
  • Stainless steel locks: Steel locking handles let the storage box deliver dependable security to your tools around the clock. You can now leave your truck parked in public areas without worrying about thieves and vandals making away with your tools.
  • Easy mounting: The pre-drilled mounting slots and mounting hardware makes for easy installation. It allows for a hassle-free, no mess installation at home without specialized tools.


  • Tricky shipping: Rough handling by third-party carriers often dents the low-profile tool box. Inspect the box thoroughly on delivery to avoid this inconvenience.

Lund Low-Profile Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Tool Box

The Lund cross bed tool box is an ideal choice if your work is likely to subject your tools to a harsh environment. The diamond-plated aluminum tool box can take a beating and keep your tools safe.

An electrostatically applied finish lets the box endure severe abuse while protecting it from rust and corrosion. The box sits low in the truck bed of your Chevy Silverado to afford an unrestricted view of the rear. It also gives your vehicle a clean, sleek look, so it doesn’t scream work truck to all.

The Lund crossover truck tool box comes with a limited lifetime warranty against material defects and poor craftsmanship. A product with a manufacturer’s warranty makes a good purchase as it saves you money on repairs and damage.

Bottom Line: Lund low-profile saddle box is an excellent choice when looking for a stylish way to safeguard and store your tools. It features a superior design and is made from durable aluminum materials. It’s made by a renowned brand in the automotive accessory products sector and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Lund 60-Inch Economy Line Low Profile Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Tool Box
The Lund 60-Inch Economy Line Low Profile Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Tool Box is ideal for storing boat, equestrian, motorcycle and snowmobile accessories and construction equipment. The low profile design provides you with maximum rear window visibility and aerodynamic styling for today's sleek truck designs.

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  • Durable construction: It’s made from thick, diamond-plated aluminum material for extra strength and protection. The tool box can take unimaginable beatings without denting or scratching while keeping your tools safe.
  • One-piece construction: Superior craftsmanship and welding turn the box into a one-piece construction that won’t sag under its weight or when bearing a load.
  • Unique locking mechanism: The box comes with an innovative notched lid design coupled with a secure locking mechanism. The tool box uses a double latched system with three-finger lockable paddle handles.
  • Weatherproof: Weatherproof gaskets around the lid and the front opening panel of the storage keep the dirt, moisture, and grime away.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant: The electrostatically applied finish protects the box from rust, corrosion, scratches, and abrasions to let it retain its appealing look.
  • Safe mounting: Ethafoam mounting strips let you secure the tool box to your Chevy Silverado without damage. The foam protects the tool box and your truck bed from friction-related damage such as scratches and abrasions.
  • Lift gas pistons: A pair of lift gas cylinders allow for easy lifting and closing the lid to protect your hands and fingers. The pistons enable the cover to open to 90 degrees to give you full access to the tool box.


  • Requires mounting brackets: The tool box doesn’t come with frames and fasteners, and you need to buy them separately.     

Delta Low-Profile Aluminum Crossover Truck Tool Box

The Delta low-profile crossover truck tool box gives your Chevy Silverado a clean appearance while letting you cart the toolkit to every job site. The sleek, low-profile model sits low in your truck bed to afford you a clear view from your Chevy’s rearview mirror.

The tool box is crafted from high-strength materials that allow it to withstand the daily abuse of tool storage and the elements. Durable construction materials make for an extra-long lifespan, which is a great money-saving measure.

The tool box uses a gear-lock and stainless steel ratchets to secure the lid to the storage box and keep your tools safe and secure. You can comfortably leave your truck in a public place without a worry in the world. The tool box will frustrate a burglar’s effort to steal your tools.

Bottom Line: The Delta low-profile crossover truck tool box gives your Chevy Silverado a chic look while keeping your tools safe. The tool box is made from high-strength materials to allow it to resist cargo damage. Superior locking mechanisms keep all the tools safe and secure wherever you go.

Delta Crescent JOBOX Gear-Lock Black Aluminum Low-Profile Single Lid Crossover Truck Box
Delta Black Full Size aluminium Low-Profile Single Lid Gear lock Crossover Truck Box is designed to provide a clean, custom appearance complementing today's new truck styles. The sleek, low-Profile shape improves the view of the rear of the truck.

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  • Laminated lid: Laminating the cover bolsters its structural integrity and puts it at the same level as the rest of the box. The superior strength turns the tool box into a load-bearing surface, and you can pile on items without ruining the box.
  • Pry-resistant locks: The innovative locking mechanism features gear-locks with rotary ratchets that can withstand 500 pounds (226.8 kgs) of prying force. It’s useless to try to force the tool box open with a crowbar.
  • High-strength material: The entire box is made from diamond-plated aluminum sheets with a black powder-coated finish. That makes for robust and secure storage space.
  • Self-rising top: The lid comes with a pair of heavy-duty gas springs for convenient loading and unloading. A small nudge automatically lifts the lid to grant you full access to the tool box. The gas springs gently lower the cap to ensure that you never slam the door on your hands.
  • Weatherproof: The box comes with a reverse bevel liner on the lid, a foam layer, and perimeter stripping. That keeps away grime, dust, water, moisture, and insects from your precious tools.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant: The diamond-plated aluminum material comes with a black coat powder finish to guard against rust and corrosion. Treated aluminum is strong, durable, and has an extended lifespan.
  • Leak-proof lock handles: The paddle handles on the tools box are made from stainless steel and improve its integrity. They ensure the box locks seamlessly and keep dirt and grime away.
  • Self-aligning strikers: The locking mechanism features hoop lid strikers to fasten the lid securely to the rest of the box. The superior locking mechanism improves the safety and security of your tools when leaving your car unattended.


  • Tricky shipping: Third-party shipping tends to manhandle the tool boxes, resulting in dents and scratches. Be sure to inspect the tool box thoroughly before accepting delivery.

Final Thoughts

You’re spoiled for choice when picking a low-profile tool box for your Chevy Silverado. The tool boxes come in various sizes, shapes, and carrying capacities and use different locking and mounting mechanisms. Each low-profile crossover reviewed here fits all Chevy Silverado models—1500, 2500 HD, and 3500 HD.

Check your package for damage as the empty, unfastened aluminum tool boxes are susceptible to dents during shipping.


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