3 Best Narrow-Width Truck Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are an essential part of working and owning a truck, but if your truck bed doesn’t have much spare room, you might feel like you’re out of luck. The good news is there are plenty of narrow tool boxes for almost any truck on the market. There’s enough space for tools, gloves, and other supplies.

The best narrow-width truck tool box is the ARKSEN 39″ Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box. Choose between silver or black and 39″ to 49″ (99.1 cm to 124.5 cm) to fit your truck bed. Each tool box measures 12.75″ (32.4 cm) wide and 10″ (25.4 cm) tall, making them a perfect fit for all trucks.


Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following details about narrow-width truck tool boxes:

  • The top tool boxes that fit narrow truck beds
  • What to look for when getting a narrow-width truck tool box
  • Information regarding dimensions, materials, and more features

What To Look for When Buying a Narrow-Width Truck Tool Box

Never buy the first tool box you come across; there are plenty of choices, so you don’t want to miss out on the possibilities. You might go back to your initial finding, but it’s worth exploring. 

The good news is we have three key features to keep an eye out for so you don’t miss the perfect tool box:

  • Dimensions: The length is crucial, but don’t forget the height and width. It needs to be easily accessible. Length, width, and height are all worth looking into before making your final decision.
  • Locking mechanism: Cheap locks put your valuables out for anyone who can pick a basic lock. Some of them are made out of plastic, while others use aluminum or steel.
  • Interior storage space: Some tool boxes have thick walls that limit the number of tools and supplies you can bring.

With those three factors in mind, let’s review the three best narrow-width truck tool boxes below.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: ARKSEN 39″ Aluminum Diamond Plate Tool Box

The ARKSEN Aluminum Tool Box measures 38.75″ x 12.75″ x 10″ (98.4 x 32.4 x 25.4 cm), making it an ideal size for those wanting a low-profile, narrow tool box. It’s made with long-lasting, tough aluminum with a diamond plate texture. This tool box also includes a lock with two keys, one as a primary key and another for emergencies.

It comes in two sizes and colors, so pick whichever combo suits your truck. Whichever mix you choose, you’ll enjoy the rust-resistant exterior and locking rods to stay up while you’re looking through the box. It doesn’t fade from excess sunlight, either.

Bottom Line: It’s hard to find anything better than the ARKSEN Tool Box. It has everything you could want with an excellent price tag. From the customized sizes and colors to the durable construction, it’s a top-of-the-line tool box.

ARKSEN 39 Inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Bar Tread Tool Box, Waterproof Truck Storage Organizer Chest for Pick Up Truck Bed, RV Trailer with Gas-Spring Enabled Poles Side Handle, Lock and Keys - Silver
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Product Specifications

Dimensions38.75 x 12.75 x 10 inches (98.4 x 32.4 x 25.4 cm)
Weight20.8 pounds (9.4 kgs)
Color(s)Black, silver


  • You can use it in your truck, motorhome, or tool shed. It fits almost anywhere.
  • Despite the heavy-duty materials, this tool box only weighs a little over 20 pounds (9.1 kgs).
  • It’s designed to resist wear and tear from sunlight, rust, and moisture.
  • You can choose from multiple sizes and colors. They include silver, black, 39″ (99 cm), and 49″ (124.5 cm).
  • It comes with a spare key for the heavy-duty locking mechanism.


  • There aren’t any shelves or drawers. You can add a soft mat to cushion your tools.
  • There’s no much insulation on the walls, though the top has under the aluminum cover.

Best for Easy Installations: LucaSng Aluminum Heavy-Duty Pick-Up Truck Tool Box

Mounting the LucaSng Tool Box in your truck bed is one of the easiest installations you’ll find. It’s the simplest modification that requires a couple of screws and washers, making it a great choice for any DIYer. It’s made with a five-bar diamond aluminum pattern to maximize its strength, durability, and longevity.

You’ll also enjoy the top-notch locking mechanism and rust-resistance. Much like the previous entry on the list, the LucaSng tool box comes in silver and black. However, it only comes in one size—39 x 13 x 10 inches (99 x 33 x 25.4 cm). You can mount this tool box anywhere, including in your truck, house, warehouse, garage, and other vehicles.

Bottom Line: The LucaSng tool box might not be the most popular choice, but it has several features that make it more than worthwhile. If you’re interested in simplicity and security, you can’t go wrong with this narrow-width truck tool box.

LucaSng 39"X13"X10" Black Aluminum Heavy Duty Pick Up Truck Truck Bed Tool Box Trailer Storage Tool Box w/Lock & Keys
  • 39"(L) x 13"(W) x 10"(H) Overall Size;Surface Finish:Powdercoated...
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  • The door features a over-hanging lip which resists water from getting...
  • With Lock and 2 Keys: This aluminum box has a lock and 2 keys so you...
  • Perfect Tool Cabinet for Anywhere: This tool box can be mounted on a...

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Product Specifications

Dimensions39 x 13 x 10 inches (99 x 33 x 25.4 cm)
Weight22 pounds (10 kgs)
Color(s)Black, silver


  • You can install this tool box with a handful of self-tapping screws in a few minutes.
  • It’s usable virtually anywhere within the provided dimensions.
  • The five-bar diamond design distributed pressure to prevent cracks and dents.
  • It comes with multiple keys and a latching lock mechanism.
  • There are two handles for carrying and easy transportation.


  • It’s on the expensive side of the price range.
  • Much like the previous tool box, there aren’t any shelves or drawers.
  • Customers complained about shipping conditions, but it varies from person to person.

Best for Compatibility: TruXedo TonneauMate Tool Box

The TruXedo TonneauMate Tool Box uses durable plastic and a unique design to create a universal truck tool box. Its dimensions are 55 x 23 x 15 inches (139.7 x 58.4 x 38.1 cm), which is narrow enough not to take up too much space. However, there’s plenty of interior storage, and it slides underneath a tonneau cover.

One of the best features of this tool box is the fact that it’s elevated off the bed. You can slide materials under it, including wood boards and other materials. It mounts to the truck bed walls, but it doesn’t go over the sides. The low-profile design is an excellent choice for those who want to keep their tool box out of sight and out of mind.

Bottom Line: The TruXedo TonneauMate Tool Box would be a good fit for anyone who praises durability, multiple functions, and universal mounting capabilities. You don’t have to worry about having the right truck for the tool box. Instead, you’ve found the right tool box for the truck.

TruXedo TL - TonneauMate | 1117416 | TonneauMate Toolbox - Fits Most Full Size Trucks, except Flareside, Stepside or Composite Beds
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  • A few truck beds require an additional clamp kit to install: 08-13...

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Product Specifications

Dimensions55 x 23 x 15 inches (139.7 x 58.4 x 38.1 cm)
Weight54 pounds (24.5 kgs)


  • The TruXedo fits any truck on the market. You don’t have to measure unless you’re worried about storage space.
  • It includes hardware and an installation guide for quick mounting.
  • It’s small enough to fit under a tonneau cover and above the bed.
  • You can mount it to the walls to free space below the tool box for other materials.
  • It’s relatively easy to install the TruXedo, thanks to the universal mounting kit.


  • It’s significantly heavier than the two previous narrow-width truck tool boxes. In fact, it’s over twice the weight.
  • This tool box is made out of plastic, which may or may not be an issue for you. However, it’s resistant to sun and water damage.


Finding a narrow-width truck tool box can be challenging because most of them are designed for anything over 70″ (177.8cm). However, this list covers the best compact tool boxes ranging between 38.75″ – 55″ (98.4cm – 139.7cm). The ARKSEN model takes the cake, but you might prefer the other two choices if one of the following is true:

  • If you have a tonneau cover, or you might get one down the road, consider the TruXedo TonneauMate Tool Box.
  • If you want to remove and use your truck’s tool box wherever you go, try the LucaSng Tool Box.

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