Top 4 Most Secure Truck Tool Boxes That Keep Your Tools Safe and Secure


You can never leave home without your truck and your tools when heading out to a job site. Truck-mounted tool boxes keep your tools safe as you drive around and secure them from the thieving eyes in the parking lot. But which are the most secure tool boxes currently on the market?

The top most secure tool boxes are UWS Truck ToolBox with Drawers, Tuffy Security Under Rear Seat Lockbox, Lund Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Toolbox, and Weather Guard Black Aluminum Truck Toolbox. They’re made from heavy, durable materials and come with exceptional safety mechanisms.

This article explores the factors to consider when buying a secure truck toolbox. I’ll also examine each truck toolbox mentioned here to explain why they stand a cut above the rest.

Choosing the Most Secure Truck Toolbox

The key to picking the most secure truck toolbox is crucial in keeping your tools safe wherever you go. But first, you need an accurate picture of what to look for when buying a secure toolbox.

This buyer’s guide will drill down on the most powerful features of a secure truck-mounted toolbox.

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Inclement weather poses a significant danger to your work tools by exposing them to water and moisture, leading to rusting and corrosion. The best secure truck tool boxes will lock out the weather, dust, and grime.

Such boxes feature thick waterproof seals and gaskets and a weather-resistant design to keep your tools bone-dry in the harshest weather. Since all tool boxes aren’t created equal, it’s best to pick one that’s best suited to the type of extreme weather it’ll be subjected to daily.

A weatherproof truck toolbox is made from heavy-duty materials, uses strong and durable hinges, and locks and features superior weatherstripping.

Superior Locking Mechanism

Many are the times you’ll leave your truck unattended at home, job site, or even a truck stop. Thieves and burglars often target unattended trucks, especially those with mounted tool boxes, since they make a nice payday.

The most secure truck tool boxes are made from rigid, durable materials and use tamper-proof locks to secure your tools. High tech-locking mechanisms, coupled with a pry-proof design, make your toolbox impervious to thieves.

Tamper-resistant locks provide an additional layer of protection to protect your tools from unauthorized use and theft.

Superior Craftsmanship

Secure truck tool boxes combine sturdy and durable construction material with excellent craftsmanship to deliver an indestructible storage solution. Most tool boxes are made from steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Diamond plated aluminum is highly preferred because it’s tough, lightweight, rustproof, and affordable. While steel is tough and durable, it’s heavy and prone to rusting and scratching.

Stainless steel combines the best of aluminum and steel, resulting in rustproof and structurally rigid tool boxes. While stainless steel tool boxes withstand extreme weather, they often carry a premium price.

Strong Cover

The most secure truck tool boxes feature top covers that open to a full 90-degrees to provide unlimited access to your tools. The top is joined to the box through a heavy metallic hinge that’s welded to the back of the box.

Bolts and rivets are undesirable since they make it easy to pry open the box with a crowbar. Reinforced C-channels, coupled with heavy-duty welding, helps to safeguard truck-mounted tool boxes against pry-ins.

A reinforced lid prevents warping and cave-ins while giving the tool boxes excellent load-bearing capacity. The cover should be ringed on the underside with an automotive-grade seal to keep out the elements.

Easy Installation

Secure tool boxes don’t require drilling or welding to fasten them to a truck bed or the bed rails. They come with pre-made slots to hold the heavy-duty bolt anchors and attach hardware.

The fastening hardware lets you mount the toolbox securely to your truck without compromising its integrity. You can substitute J-bolts with ribbed carriage bolts for added mounting security, but that’d entail drilling through the truck bed.

After reviewing multiple truck tool boxes, we’ve narrowed our choice to five tool boxes that will keep your tools safe from thieves and vandals wherever you go.

Weather Guard Black Aluminum Truck Toolbox

When looking for an excellent way to keep your tools safe and secure, it doesn’t get better than the Weather Guard truck toolbox. The saddle box fits full-sized trucks, including Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, and F-350.

The sturdy construction is coupled with one of the best locking systems on the market. The terrific anti-theft saddle box comes equipped with an innovative, tamper-proof key lock. The lock features a replaceable cylinder that’s handily placed on the side of the box for easy access.

Two steel latches and the integrated key lock hold down the top cover securely on locking the toolbox. The hand-in-glove fit makes it impossible to pry open a locked Weather Guard truck toolbox. There’s no space left around the lid to slot in a crowbar.

The toolbox locks with a distinct click to let you walk away, knowing that your tools are safely locked away from any roving eyes.

Bottom line: The Weather Guard is the most secure truck toolbox currently on the market. The toolbox comes with a superior, tamper-resistant mechanism and steel latches that make it resistant to pry-ins. A replaceable lock cylinder ensures that your tools are never at risk.

Weather Guard - 127-5-02 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
  • Full weather seal keeps moisture out even in extreme weather...
  • Convenient attachment points preserve your ability to secure materials...
  • "Easy Find" organization includes adjustable metal tray, removable...
  • Fits styles – Bed | Side | Dually | Full | Specifications –...
  • Fits vehicles – Chevrolet Silverado 1500/2500/3500 | Ford...

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Pros of Weather Guard Saddle Box 

  • Sturdy and durable construction. The saddle box is made from heavy-duty, diamond-plated aluminum sheets. The sheets are professionally welded to create a strong, one-piece tub with excellent structural integrity.
  • Pry-resistant. Excellent design and craftsmanship result in perfect alignment between the lid and the box. It leaves no space to slot in even the thinnest crowbar, making the entire toolbox impervious to pry-ins.
  • Superior fasteners. The toolbox uses internal hinges to join the back of the box to the heavy-duty lid. The metallic hinges are welded in place to enhance structural integrity while allowing for effortless opening and closing.
  • Steel latches. Steel latches are resilient and strong, giving the storage box the ability to resist any attempts to pry open the lid. The latches hold down the cover firmly to support the locking system.
  • Ample storage space. The crossover toolbox comes with 11.3 cubic feet of storage space. A sliding tray, level holder, plastic storage container, and tie-down hooks make it easy to stay organized.
  • Weatherproof. A full weather seal on the lid’s perimeter keeps the dirt, moisture, and grime away to keep your tools safe and dry in extreme weather.
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant. The powder-coat finish gives the toolbox an appealing look while protecting it from rust and corrosion.
  • One-touch opening and closure. An automotive-style rotary latch feature saves you the hassle of opening the latches individually. Twisting one latch opens both, saving you the hassle of going around the truck.
  • Easy access. A pair of gas springs hold up the toolbox’s cover, making it safe and easy to open, load, or unload, and close it without the risk of injuries.
  • Low profile. Reduced clearance lets the toolbox sit lower on the truck bed to afford you an excellent view from the rearview mirror.

Cons of Weather Guard Saddle Box

  • Mounting brackets could be better. The supplied mounting brackets are inferior compared to the toolbox.
  • It’s pricey. The toolbox’s premium price puts it out of reach for customers with a limited budget.

Lund Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Toolbox

The Lund crossover truck toolbox is an excellent choice for your truck’s low profile, highly secure toolbox. The black powder-coated toolbox boasts some innovative security features to keep your tools safe.

The saddle box comes with a unique reinforced dome that seals tightly to the rest of the box. The tight fit makes the box pry-resistant by eliminating any space on its perimeter. You can’t pry open the toolbox if you have no room to slot in a crowbar.

The toolbox uses a hidden piano-style hinge to join the lid to the back of the box. The heavy-duty, piano-style aluminum hinge improves the toolbox’s structural strength and functionality. It also makes the toolbox pry-in resistant.

The toolbox uses a 3-finger, double latch locking mechanism with lockable paddle handles to secure your tools. It also comes equipped with large, adjustable striker pinheads. Some models come with a pair of pushbuttons with rotary latches for added protection.

Bottom line: The Lund low-profile truck toolbox is crafted with ultimate tools safety in mind. It uses thick diamond threaded aluminum coupled with a superior locking mechanism to protect your tools. It’s also built to resist pry-ins by crowbars.

Lund 7111002LP 60-Inch Economy Line Low Profile Aluminum Cross Bed Truck Tool Box, Diamond Plated, Black
  • 60-inch low profile cross bed truck tool box made of 0.06-inch...
  • Rust-resistant, electrostatically applied finish can withstand...
  • Ideal for adding extra secure storage while not compromising your view...
  • Measures 60-inches (L) “inside flatbed” by 20.5-inches (H) by...
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty that protects against defects...

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Pros of Lund 60-inch Cross Bed Truck toolbox

  • Robust and durable construction. The toolbox is made of 0.06 thick diamond-plated aluminum sheets fused skillfully to form a one-piece tub. Professional welding gives the tool excellent structural strength.
  • Weatherproof. Weatherproof seals on the lid’s perimeter and front panel keeps the elements away from the toolbox. The weatherstripping also helps to protect your tools from dirt, grime, and moisture.
  • Rust resistant. An electrostatically applied finish gives the box an appealing look while protecting it from rust and corrosion while allowing it to resist abrasion and scratches.
  • Superior locking mechanism. The Lund toolbox couples a unique notched lid design with a double-latch locking mechanism to protect your tools.
  • Pry resistant. Excellent design, coupled with superior craftsmanship, results in a pry-resistant toolbox.
  • Gas pistons. Two lift gas cylinders attach the lid to the rest of the toolbox to allow for effortless opening and closing. The pistons lift the cover to a full 90-degree to give you full access to its content.
  • Safe mounting. Each toolbox ships with Ethafoam mounting strips to safeguard both the toolbox and your truck from scratches and abrasions.
  • Ample storage space. The toolbox provides seven cubic feet of storage space to let you stow away all the tools you need for work handy in your truck.
  • Lifetime warranty. Lund offers a limited lifetime warranty on material defects and craftsmanship.

Cons of Lund 60-inch Low Profile Truck Toolbox

  • It doesn’t include mounting brackets. You need to purchase mounting brackets to affix the toolbox to your truck.

Read more detail about 60 inch truck tool box.

Tuffy Security Under Rear Seat Lockbox

The lockbox from Tuffy security is the ultimate way to protect your valuable tools if you live in a high-crime neighborhood. Unlike other tool boxes, this one is mounted inside your truck, under the rear seat.

The discrete lockbox makes your truck less of a target since it stashes your valuable tools away from sight and under the rear seat. Discretion is the best defense in the face of an ever-present risk of theft and vandalism.

Despite being mounted inside the cab, this toolbox is made from 16-gauge steel with a textured powder-coat finish. It also comes with an innovative locking mechanism that’s pry-resistant.

Bottom line: The Tuffy Security lockbox is the ultimate way to secure your tools in the face of a clear and present danger of vandalization. The toolbox is mounted under the rear seat of your work truck and away from prying eyes. This toolbox combines discretion with a state-of-the-art locking mechanism for heightened tool safety and security.

Tuffy Security Products Rear Underseat Lockbox - '19-22 Silverado/Sierra 1500 {'19 New Body Style} / '20-22 2500HD/3500HD; w/Crew, Extended Cab (Black)
  • Over 3500 Cubic inches of lockable storage space
  • Exclusive 10 tumbler double bitted lock with built in weather seals
  • Pry-Guard locking system featuring 1/8 inch thick welded steel...
  • Stealthy design is hidden under the seat from prying eyes
  • Weather resistant lid design incorporates an exclusive hinging system...

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Pros of the Tuffy Security Under Rear Seat Toolbox

  • Discrete mounting design. The toolbox goes under the rear seat of your truck, putting your tools away from roving eyes. Vandals looking for expensive work tools won’t target your vehicle if it has no visible toolbox.
  • Increase carrying capacity. Since the toolbox is mounted inside the cab, it doesn’t affect your truck bed’s carrying capacity.
  • Sturdy, durable construction. The toolbox is made from 16-gauge steel sheets that are professionally welded together to create a strong and durable tub.
  • Innovative locking mechanism. The toolbox comes with a double-bitted lock equipped with ten tumblers. Such locks are tough to pick or open with brute force.
  • Pry resistant. The toolbox features a pry guard locking system comprising welded 1/8-inches (0.32-cm) thick steel components.
  • Weatherproof. The toolbox’s lid comes with a perimeter weatherstrip and built-in weather seals to keep away water, grime, and dust.
  • Rust resistant. A durable texture powder coat finish protects the 16-gauge steel surface from the elements, giving the toolbox an appealing look while protecting it from rust and corrosion.
  • Ample storage space. The 13 x 56 x 7 inches (33.02 x 142.24 x 17.78 cm) storage box provides two cubic feet of tool storage space. You can use it to store your most valuable tools and guarantee their safety.
  • Easy organization. The toolbox comprises two different-sized lockable chambers to help you keep organized. The shorter section houses the smaller tools while the rest go into the longer one.
  • Easy mounting. The toolbox ships with two mounting brackets for an easy, hassle-free installation that doesn’t call from drilling.

Cons of the Tuffy Security Under Rear Seat Toolbox

  • Smaller storage space. The toolbox is smaller than the standard tool boxes and can’t hold as many tools.
  • Compatibility issues. The lockbox works with a few crew cab truck models such as Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. It’s not compatible with pre-2019 double cab trucks.

UWS Truck ToolBox With Drawers

The UWS drawer slide box is the best choice when looking for a secure toolbox with multipurpose usage. The tiered toolbox is ideal if your work calls for a bunch of small tools and supplies.

Since each toolbox measures 23 x 19 x 9 inches (54.42 x 48.26 x 22.86 cm), you can mount several of them on your truck bed to fit all your storage needs. While each box is lockable, you can house them all in a thick aluminum box for added security.

The slide drawers are made from thick diamond-plated aluminum to provide safe and secure storage space for your tools. This storage design provides a two-layered security solution for your work tools.

Bottom line: The UWS drawer slide provides you with a 2-tiered security solution for your small tools and supplies. Each drawer comes with a superior locking mechanism and is further secured inside a bigger sturdy aluminum toolbox. It also makes it super easy to store and organize your small tools.

UWS DS22 Drawer Slide Box
  • Designed for storage and multipurpose usage with easy configurations
  • Made from heavy gauge aluminum;MicroSeal Stripping
  • Features zinc-plated metal sliders with stainless steel ball bearing
  • Consists of five precision -injected commercial grade plastic drawers
  • Equipped with handle locks and weather-tight seals

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Pros of UWS D22 Drawer Slide

  • Tiered storage solution. Each drawer comprises five-tiered plastic drawers to store your small tools. That makes it easy to separate and store different sized tools for quick and easy access.
  • High-quality construction. Each drawer is made from extra-thick diamond threaded aluminum sheets. The sheets are welded together to create a flawless tub with exceptional structural strength and integrity.
  • Weatherproof. Each drawer comes with microSeal stripping around the lid to keep grime, dust, and water from penetrating the toolbox. Housing multiple drawers in a larger sealed aluminum box double the protection from the elements.
  • Commercial-grade plastic drawers. Each toolbox comprises five precision-injected plastic drawers. The drawers are tough and durable and provide rust-free storage space for your small tools.
  • Flawless operation. Precision injected plastic trays allow for a smooth sliding motion. The drawers are perfectly aligned and won’t stick while opening or closing.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings. Stainless steel ball bearings on the drawers allow fluid movement while safeguarding against rust and corrosion. They also have an extended lifespan.
  • Stainless steel locks. The tool boxes come with durable stainless steel handles and integrated locks for durability and heightened security.
  • Ample storage space. Despite the dainty size, each toolbox comes with 1.9 cubic feet of storage space. Installing a couple of the tool boxes dramatically increases your storage space to let you carry all your small tools and supplies in one trip.

Cons of UWS D22 Drawer Slide

  • Plastic drawers. Although tough, the plastic components aren’t as durable as the aluminum exterior.
  • It doesn’t work with all tools. The toolbox is geared towards smaller tools and won’t work with large, heavy tools.

Final Thoughts

You have numerous choices when looking for a secure way to store your tools in your truck. You must pick a toolbox that protects your tools from thieves, vandals, and the elements.

Construction material, locking mechanism, latches and hinges, mountings, and weatherstripping are crucial considerations.

Our top recommendations for secure truck tool boxes are:


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