The 10 Best Truck Toolboxes With Sliding Drawers

Retrieving your tools from the convenience of your truck has never been easier, especially with the added accessibility that truck toolboxes with sliding drawers can offer. The comfort of sliding drawers means you’re able to open your toolbox swiftly and find what you need in no time, without misplacing smaller tools or accessories along the way. But what are the best truck toolboxes?

The best truck toolboxes with sliding drawers are designed with efficiency, durability, and accessibility, to open readily and lock securely when shut. They reduce toolbox rummaging and enable you to get the job done quicker. The Decked Pickup Truck Storage System is a good choice.


To learn about choosing the right truck toolbox with sliding drawers that enhances the efficiency and accessibility of your tool storage, read on.

Benefits of Sliding Drawers

While shopping around the options available for your new truck toolbox, you might be wondering why sliding drawers offer more convenience in comparison to the other types on the market. 

In short, the ability to lay your tools flat and rapidly bring them out saves you time from searching for them in the bottom of a chest or attempting to transport them in another way that could compromise their integrity.

Furthermore, some of the main benefits of sliding drawers on toolboxes include:

  • Secure storage of longer or taller tools
  • Organized storage and space saver
  • Protection from the elements, such as rain and UV rays
  • Immediate access with easy-to-pull handles and latches
  • Prevention of tools from moving, shifting, rolling, or tumbling while driving
  • Quick storage when tools are no longer needed

With these benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that many truck-owners are looking to purchase these toolboxes, as they offer an abundance of convenient access to their tools. Some toolboxes require opening the hatch or lid, lifting the interiors, and digging to find the right tools needed. With sliding drawers, however, the tools are openly available once the drawer slides out of place.

Similar to other forms of mounted truck toolboxes, the sliding drawers are built with locks that prevent them from sliding open while driving to stop your tools from falling out.

In other instances, you might find yourself mid-project, with dirty hands, or the inability to stop because you’re in a hurry. Quickly opening drawers instead of unlocking compartments can be much faster and keep you on track when you’ve got things to do.

Similarly, when you finish using the tools, returning them to the toolbox and locking them in place is made simple when the sliding drawers have locking mechanisms that secure them shut once closed.

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Factors That Enhance Your Toolbox

Several factors can further add to your toolbox’s functionality and durability, along with its sliding drawers. Let’s take a look at some of those factors and how they contribute to your toolbox’s strength and practicality, narrowing down your options so you can choose the right one.

Exterior Material

Your toolbox’s exterior material is essential because you’ll need a solid, weatherproof material that won’t succumb to moisture or heat damages. Since your toolbox will likely be exposed regularly to the outdoor elements, materials such as aluminum and stainless steel offer the perfect solution because they do not corrode easily and withstand various environments.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your toolbox and how it’ll look against your truck bed, you’ll be happy to learn that many toolboxes are built with neutral aesthetics and coloring. You have the option to purchase powder-coated truck bed toolboxes, which means the toolboxes have been color-customized with an exterior coating that alters their shade and prevents the color from shading when rained on.


The security of your toolbox’s sliding drawers is paramount because they need to be designed to open and close with ease. More secure drawers can also block the tools from sliding out when the truck’s moving or from others accessing them without your permission.

To keep your sliding drawers and toolbox secure, look for latches that lock the drawers in place as soon as they close and easy-to-maneuver hatches that allow them to open when lifted. This will protect your tools within the box but still allow you to access them when you need them most.

Weather Protective

Both aluminum and stainless steel can combat the elements, and when you plan on gliding drawers out from your toolbox, you’ll want durable hardware that doesn’t rust as quickly, either. These materials allow the sliding drawers to be moved abruptly and comfortably while also shutting them securely to prevent water from seeping in.

The metals are also heavy enough to weigh down the toolboxes in the truck and limit any lifting or bumping when driving in unfavorable or windy conditions. 

Many toolboxes come with interior linings in the drawers that can also combat moisture, should your toolbox become damaged with holes, leaks, cracks, or dents, that allow water to seep in.

Versatile Compartments

When researching the perfect toolbox for your truck bed, take a look at the available compartments inside the sliding drawers and whether or not they can provide you the compatibility you need for your tools. If you plan on storing a mixture of tools, having the power to adjust your draws and their storage compartments will give you more flexibility.

If your sliding drawers aren’t adjustable, you may find yourself spending more time digging to find the desired tools as they’re lost in the lot with all the others.

Having a range of versatile compartments that you can adjust helps you get better use out of your toolbox. Doing so lets you store some tools for your day job and replace them with your recreational tools later when a different space allocation is needed.

You’ll also want to review the tools you’re planning on storing together, including any paints, liquids, and aerosols. These will need to be held in even more compact conditions to prevent outside elements from spills, compromising their integrity, or reducing their effectiveness.

Types of Sliding Drawers

You can consider a few types of sliding drawer designs when looking around for your desired truck toolbox. Many sliding drawers come attached to mounted toolboxes or chests with smaller drawer compartments, which can be pulled out via hatches that lift open.

Other forms of sliding drawers come as inserts into your truck’s bed, where the drawers are much larger and pull from the end of the truck bed to reveal the tools. The drawers are often side-by-side and can be pulled out separately or together. These are sometimes referred to as storage drawers but are designed to give you equal access to your larger tools. They’re aligned on the truck bed floor and can hold enough weight for other items to be placed on top of them.

Regardless of what type of toolbox with sliding doors you choose, almost all come with locks that prevent the drawers from opening unnecessarily or sliding out while in motion. The locks work to keep you and your tools safe when you’re out on the road and to prevent accidents and injuries.

Optimizing Your Truck Bed’s Toolbox

To adequately optimize your truck bed’s toolbox, you’ll have to do some planning first instead of simply purchasing the first toolbox that looks suitable. Pull out the tape measure and take a few notes of where you want to position your truck bed toolbox, your truck bed’s size, and what tools you plan to store or how you plan to keep them.

This will help you organize your toolbox’s location more efficiently so that the sliding drawers are easy to open and accessible for how frequently you use them. If your sliding drawers cannot open without a struggle, then your toolbox may end up redundant and fail to offer you optimal support.

Furthermore, take into account any other toolboxes that you currently have in your truck bed. If you have more than one or are considering investing in one that consolidates all of your tools with better storage, then you’ll need to re-evaluate your space and how much you have available. 

Toolbox Positioning

Depending on how many materials you store in your truck bed and the other projects you use your truck bed for will also play a role in how you organize your truck bed and where the toolbox will fit.

For example, if your truck bed is used for projects with the tongue down, you’ll need sliding drawers that can be pulled out with the truck bed’s tongue and prevent you from climbing or reaching.

If your truck bed is kept closed for most projects and you prefer to reach in from the sides of the truck bed to access tools, then a side-mounted toolbox with inward sliding drawers could be a better choice.

Arranging Your Toolbox

How you arrange your toolbox will also impact how you can store your tools and the kind of drawer storage you require. Shorter tools and accessories can be stored inside of drawers that are mounted facing inside towards the truck bed. In comparison, longer and extended tools will need to be situated in drawers that are pulled out towards the open-ended part of the truck bed.

If you need more versatile storage space, you’ll likely want to look at toolbox combos that contain both interior organizers that are accessed vertically from an open latch, as well as drawers with tools that are laid flat and opened horizontally.

Arranging your tools in such a way prevents scratching the interiors and sides of your truck’s bed, as well as damaging your toolbox whenever you extract tools from it.

Anytime you’re installing a new truck toolbox for the first time, especially one with drawers, you’ll want to be sure to check the hinges and rails.

Plan Around the Truck Bed’s Size

While most truck toolboxes are adaptable enough to accommodate various truck beds, not all are created equal and can adequately attach or mount to the truck’s interiors. You’ll need to plan around your truck’s bed size by establishing what type of toolbox design you want and measuring the space where the toolbox will be fitted.

If you’re eager for outward sliding drawers, you’ll want to measure the inside of the truck bed from the edges inward, while not forgetting the wheel arches. You’ll then measure the length of your truck’s bed outward with the tongue extended and laid flat.

Keeping these measurements in mind, you can find sliding drawers that fit the size of your truck’s interiors or a mounted toolbox that can be securely aligned with the edges of your truck. Most toolboxes will provide measurements that you can compare with your truck bed’s size. 

Suppose you are adding more than one toolbox to your truck bed’s interiors. In this case, you’ll need to compare the toolboxes’ measurements with the available space inside the truck bed and incorporate any drawers’ length when fully extended. This will ensure you aren’t mounting toolboxes too close together that you can’t correctly open.

It’s also essential to remember the tools that you’ll be storing need to be removable when the drawers are entirely open. Consider the tools you’re storing in your drawer space and thoroughly measure their lengths and widths so you can be positive you’re purchasing a toolbox that will sufficiently hold them.

Once you’ve finished mapping out your truck bed’s capacity, you can then check out our list of the top truck toolboxes with sliding drawers and why they’re appreciated by truck-owners and tool enthusiasts alike.

Decked Pickup Truck Storage System

One of the most reputable and sought-after toolbox drawer systems is the Decked Pickup Truck Storage System. These sliding drawers are installed on the truck bed floor and are extended towards the truck’s tongue. When the tongue is flattened, the drawers are then pulled out using handles on the edges of the drawers.

With a secure locking system and ample storage space, these drawers offer the depth needed to provide adequate storage for bulky tools, including ladders, construction tools, and even gardening tools.

To efficiently purchase the Decked Pickup Truck Storage system, you’ll have to explore the different sizes and models they have, as they have varying sizes for different truck makes and models.

The Decked system can be pricey compared to other options available on the market. Still, it offers an upgraded level of support for those with more extensive tools or a sizable quantity of tools and can even store recreational tools, including fishing rods, boating oars, or camping gear.

DECKED Ford Truck Bed Storage System Includes System Accessories |
  • EASY TO INSTALL OR REMOVE: Our DECKED system fits Ford Super Duty...
  • 2000-POUND DECK LOAD RATING: Maximize the utility of your truck bed by...
  • WEATHERPROOF & SECURE DRAWERS: DECKED keeps your tools, gear, and...
  • MADE TO LAST: Made in the USA from recycled High-Density Polyethylene...

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Buyers Products 1725621, Contractor Toolbox with Bottom Drawers

With a sleek and stunning finish, this Buyers Products Contractor toolbox is a perfect addition for any truck-owner who wants to incorporate a refined toolbox that’s also incredibly useful into their truck. Not only does it open from the front with a wide latch, but it has two wide drawers that extend from the bottom and allow for organized storage in the smaller compartments.

The drawers and latch can then be locked in place when the toolbox is not in use, and the whole chest can safely be mounted to the truck bed’s interiors. Made of strong aluminum and finished with a black powder coating, this toolbox can prevent weathering damages and offer you years of secure storage and support.

You can choose from a black powder coating or a standard stainless steel finish, and it comes in a range of sizes to accommodate your truck bed’s space. Be sure to purchase the toolbox model with the drawers instead of the drop doors, so you can easily pull out your tools from the sliding drawers. No matter which toolbox finish you choose, you can trust this toolbox will give you the durability you require for your tools.

Buyers Products - 1701385 Trailer Tongue Truck Box, Diamond Tread Aluminum, 18.5 x 15x 49/37 Inches
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Jobox 1402980 2-Drawer Long Floor Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer Storage

As a smaller set of storage drawers than those previously mentioned, the Jobox long aluminum drawer storage offers extended support and protection to your tools with longer handles. It consists of two narrow drawers that are pulled open with gripped handlebars and locks closed when shut. The compartments can be removed entirely to open up drawers or added to enclose smaller spaces for your more delicate accessories.

The most prominent feature of this product is that you can place up to 75lbs (34kg) in each drawer, making it especially helpful for heavier metal tools with dense heads or handles. The locks’ security protects the insides from dust, water, and pests, keeping your tools in top condition and ready to use whenever you need access to them.

Jobox 1402980 2-Drawer Long Floor Heavy-Duty Aluminum Drawer Storage - (24" W x 6" H x 50" L), Bright
  • Extruded Heavy-Duty Drawer Glides Support Up to 75Lbs Per Drawer
  • Latches Automatically Lock the Drawers When Closed
  • Pins Prevent the Drawers From Rolling Off the Glides
  • Moveable Dividers to Create Different Size Bins
  • Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Is Light Enough for Easy Mobility and Transport...

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Weather Guard 338-5 Storage Drawer

Sometimes, all you need is a little extra storage, and this toolbox is perfect for exactly that. It offers ample interior space, shelves, and dividers that allow you to organize your tools and accessories any way you see fit. With a black powder-coated finish, it’s bound to enhance the exteriors of your truck as well.

It contains sliding drawers that give you enough storage compartments for smaller and longer tools, and the Weather Guard storage drawers are a great accessory to keep your smaller pieces in place and prevent loss. These drawers are securely fitted into your truck and designed with heavy-duty steel that prevents dirt build-up, water stains, and damage to your tools.

It also comes with keys and mounting tools to quickly secure it into your truck bed. No extra tools or gadgets are needed with this simple but strong toolbox!

Weather Guard - 338-5 Truck/Van Storage Drwer, 39-5/8in W, Steel
  • Mpn: 338-5
  • Country of manufacture: United States
  • Manufacturer: Weather Guard
  • Package Dimensions: 41" L x 11" W x 48.5" H

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Brute 80-RB257D Pro Series D-Shape GooseNeck/Fifth Wheel 57” Tailgate Toolbox

For the ultimate toolbox that adjusts perfectly to your truck bed’s interiors, the Brute D-shape Fifth Wheel toolbox is for you. It is the perfect place to store your tools, access your smaller utensils, and adequately store your larger or more valuable tools. With secure locks on every opening, this toolbox gives you comfortable clearance and visibility while also protecting your tools from the elements.

This toolbox gives you the security you need for your extra cargo, no matter where you take it or how often you use it. The sliding drawer opens via a hatch in the center that locks back into place when closed.

Constructed out of stainless steel, this toolbox is built with security seals and stunning tread, making it both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Brute 80-RB257D Pro Series V-Shape Goose Neck/Fifth Wheel 57" Tailgate Polished Aluminum Tailgate Tool Box with 1 Drawer and 2 Rear Swing Doors
  • Available in several dimensions: Standard, deep, wide, and deep & wide
  • Beveled lid design
  • Full rubber weather seal
  • Diamond tread back
  • Sturdy hinge point

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Dee Zee DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Tool Box with Drawers

Designed as a narrow set of wheel well drawers, this toolbox is optimal for those that want to conserve space and store smaller items and tools, such as screws, nuts, bolts, and hinges. It’s excellent for smaller handheld tools that you can toss into the drawers and any loose tools you require in bulk and need quick access.

You can arrange the smaller pieces into the drawers starting from the top while putting your larger objects in the bottom drawers due to their wider opening.

The toolbox is made of steel and is suitable for outdoor exposure and use, keeping your metal tools from succumbing or coming in contact with moisture and heat. Once filled, the drawers can then be pushed back in, and the top hatch is lifted over them to secure them all in.

This prevents one drawer from loosening or sliding out while your truck moves or having smaller pieces fall out as well.

Dee Zee DZ95D Steel Wheel Well Tool Box w/ Drawers
  • Wheel Well Tool Box With Drawers
  • Thick Gauge Steel w/ Protective Black Powder Coat
  • Fits Driver or Passenger Side
  • Single Lockable Drop Down Door Reveals 5 Sliding Drawers
  • Hardware Included To Mount To Truck Bed w/ Quick Release Bracket

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Better Built 68012346 Wheel Well

The Better Built wheel well truck toolbox is a stainless steel toolbox that’s situated over the wheel arch in the bed of your truck. With two sliding drawers that extend outward towards the back of the truck, you can safely store long-handled items and smaller accessories in these drawers.

We appreciate this toolbox for its basic features and durable exterior, along with the added benefit of its top lid opening that allows for internal storage of larger items. It saves space and looks great against your truck’s bed.

The wheel well design allows for sliding access to the toolbox itself and of the drawers. They’re deep enough for stacking tools and prevent those same tools from falling out of the drawers when the truck is in motion. It’s a light-build toolbox with just enough space for your essential tools.

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UWS TBC-38-DS Chest Box with Two Slide

The UWS toolbox comprises a series of sliding drawers situated on both sides of the chest and open at an escalating angle. They’re perfect for storing your smaller and numerous tools that can otherwise get lost or buried in bigger toolboxes. Its compact size is ideal for any truck bed size, especially if you already have space taken up by other toolboxes.

The sliding drawers are designed for quick access to tools in a hurry and provide the convenience you’re looking for out of a truck toolbox. The toolbox is mounted to the rear of the truck, near the tongue, making it easy to open the sliding drawers when the tongue is open. The drawers can readily slide out onto the tongue, and they give you enough space for reaching in and storing your tools.

UWS TBC-38-DS Chest Box with Two Drawer Slide
  • 2 Precision-injected commercial grade drawers integrated into one box...
  • 4 cubic foot center storage area for storage of oversized tools and...
  • Patented Fully Foamed Lid creates a rigid wall between outer aluminum...
  • Stainless Steel Paddle Lock provides strength, security and rust-free...
  • Front and top opening lids for easy access to tools and equipment

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Westin Brute 80-TBS200-48-BD Pro Series 48” Contractor TopSider Toolbox with Doors & Drawers

The Westin Brute is the original aluminum, a multipurpose toolbox for truck beds. Containing easy to open hatches for the top compartment and the bottom drawer, this toolbox is practical for carrying everyday tools you need regular access to. It has one drawer that’s pulled open with a handle and securely shut after use.

The latch on the drawer keeps it shut and prevents it from sliding out when no longer in use, making this toolbox perfect for smaller or quick jobs where you need to get in and out of your toolbox in an instant.

This toolbox is specifically built for those that want maximum durability and storage capacity for their everyday work. It contains strengthening reinforcements throughout the interiors that prevent denting, scratching, and movement of tools.

Westin Brute 80-TBS200-48-BD Pro Series 48" Contractor TopSider Tool Box with Doors & Drawers, Polished Aluminum
  • MAXIMUM STORAGE CAPACITY: Our Brute Contractor TopSider Tool Box is...
  • SECURE & REINFORCED: Crafted with secure stainless folding locking...
  • ALUMINUM TREAD: Made of 0.063 inch thick aluminum diamond tread with...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Designed with specially-crafted rain gutters to...
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: The Brute Contractor TopSider Tool Box is...

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Brute 80-TBS200-72-BD Pro Series 72” Contractor TopSider Polished Aluminum Tool Box with Doors & Drawers

With a pristine metal finish and an eye-catching design, this truck toolbox with two sliding bottom drawers allows you the flexibility needed when storing different types of tools. It comes with a top-side open hatch that opens wide to access tools and places them back in safely afterward for storage.

The drawers are wide and have easy-grip handles that give you more secure pulling when opening the drawers to access your smaller tools or accessories. The toolbox is suitable for a range of truck beds and enables you double access to your tools and optional storage methods to accommodate various tools.

Brute 80-TBS200-72-BD Pro Series 72" Contractor TopSider Polished Aluminum Tool Box with Doors & Drawers
  • Available in several lengths
  • Made of 0. 063 inch thick aluminum diamond tread
  • 0. 080 inch thick aluminum reinforcement throughout the tool box
  • Secure stainless steel folding/locking. Full Rubber Seal
  • Weather resistant rain gutters design

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Truck bed toolboxes with sliding drawers are designed to give you better access to your tools and make taking them with you more convenient and comfortable. Sliding drawers add an extra layer of efficiency and practicality that standard truck bed toolboxes simply can’t offer when attempting to retrieve your tools. 

Now, you have the knowledge of how to optimize your toolbox better and what to look for in your toolbox’s sliding drawers. You can be on your way to purchasing a durable and long-lasting toolbox with sliding drawers that serves you well and offers you that much-needed extra support.


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