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Even if you have a truck toolbox that’s mounted correctly and safely holding your valuable tools, it doesn’t mean they’re as secure as you may think. With the help of utility box locks, your toolbox and the accessories inside can be kept intact and protected further from outside damage or theft.

The best truck utility box locks are complete with durable, weatherproof materials, easy to install, and convenient to open while ensuring your tools are secure and protected. You can purchase truck utility box locks separately to reinforce your existing locks or as replacement locks.


There are a couple of box lock designs to choose from, so let’s take a look at how they can enhance your toolbox and how to go about choosing the best one for your truck’s toolbox.

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Why Utility Box Locks Are Important

When you invest in quality tools and a sturdy toolbox for your truck bed, you do so intending to get long-term use and convenience from them. However, when your tools aren’t being used, it’s essential to keep them protected still to prevent theft, loss, or other elemental damages.

Utility box locks can offer substantial support and protection to your tools and your truck bed’s toolbox so that only you have access to your tools. The locks give you access to your tools, meaning others without the keys can’t readily open the toolbox’s lid and take your items.

The locks are small in size but boost the strength of your toolbox. They deter the shifting, tossing, rolling, or slamming of your tools outside of the toolbox when driving on bumpy roads, thus keeping all of your tools safely in one place and continually out of reach from others.

Theft Prevention

One of the most significant advantages of a toolbox lock is preventing strangers from getting into your toolbox and stealing your tools. Keeping your tools in a safe and secure place means you don’t have to worry about parking your truck in public or fearing that your tools will be stolen. They hinder thieves from breaking into your toolbox to retrieve your valuable items.

They are also important to have if you stow away dangerous or specialized tools that only professionals should be handling, such as personal firearms, which can be harmful when not in your possession.

Tool Loss

A secure lock on your toolbox can also prevent tool loss and displacement. When you’re in motion, and your toolbox’s lid flies open, or you go over a big pothole, your tools can easily fall or tumble out and land on the road or toss around in the bed of your truck. With a hefty lock and secure lid, you can keep your tools in place, and you won’t lose any of them when driving.


A toolbox lock can prevent further integrity and structural damages to your tools and your truck while not harming others around you when driving. You don’t want your tools plunging out of the vehicle while you’re on the road, nor do you want them breaking during a trip or scratching and denting the interiors of your truck bed. A toolbox lock can prevent such damages by keeping them in place and covered.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Utility Box Lock

To choose the perfect utility box lock, there are a few things to think about before making your purchase. That includes how many locks you need to maximize your toolbox’s security based on its weight and size. It’s also important to consider the type of locks you’ll require to accommodate your toolbox’s current locking mechanism.

Toolbox Size and Weight

To get started, measure your toolbox’s dimensions and estimate the combined weight with tools stored inside. If you have a larger truck toolbox with a heavier lid, you’ll likely need two locks on either side of the cover to ensure that it fastens evenly. Balanced weight on both sides of the lid will make it easier to open and prevent it from coming loose on the edges or around the corners where there is less strength to hold them down.

Smaller or lighter toolboxes can benefit from both large and moderately-sized locks, as the overall weight will impose less pressure on the lock.

If your toolbox has multiple lids, you must also consider how you’ll secure each lid and compartment. The experts at suggest installing a lock to accompany each lid, as this will prevent break-ins from one section of your toolbox that can lead to quickly accessing the entire toolbox.

They then recommend sliding any drawers out and opening the lids to ensure the rails aren’t preventing the locks from functioning, and vice versa.


Utility box locks are placed near the hatch or opening of the toolbox to unlock and open the box’s lids or drawers. They’ll need to be securely fitted and mounted into the designated slots where the toolbox has been designed to hold the lock. Attempting to place a lock elsewhere on the toolbox usually requires extra drilling or hardware, so consider how many additions you’re comfortable with adding to the current design.

Some larger toolboxes have side locks and front lifting locks that connect to the latching mechanism for the lid. When replacing or installing toolbox locks, your locks’ placement is vital to ensuring that the right amount of security and pressure is placed on each side of the toolbox’s lid. 

Installing locks without distributed balance can make it easy for others to pry open one side of the lid enough to reach in and grab your belongings in the gaps. Doing so also dents and bends the lid and can encourage moisture to seep in and damage your tools.

For these reasons, you’ll want toolbox locks that are strategically placed on the opposite front ends of the lid or a middle-mounted lock that can rightfully enforce secure closure to balance the top’s weight.

Structure and Assembly

Since truck toolboxes are created with different styles, you’ll need to assess what type of lock your current toolbox has before reinforcing or replacing it. There are two popular types of truck utility box locks that are often used: the handle latch and the cylinder lock. 

Both provide security to your toolbox and tools but handle latches are typically preferred for heavier toolboxes, while cylinder locks are ideal for smaller toolboxes.

Let’s take a look at some of the main characteristics of the handle latch and cylinder locks.

Here are handle latch box locks’ characteristics:

  • Square-shaped and made of stainless steel or alloys
  • Flatter and embedded into the lid of the utility box
  • Can have a top-lifting or side-lifting hatch that opens when the box is unlocked
  • A key is required to unlock and lock the box before the hatch will lift
  • Better for flat surfaces

Here are cylinder locks’ characteristics:

  • Circular-shaped, are smaller, and often made from stainless steel or alloys
  • Have a flattened tab that shifts when the key is inserted
  • A protruding keyhole for opening
  • Twisting required to unlock the box
  • Does not necessarily have to be installed on a flat surface

Features To Look For in a Truck Toolbox Lock

The best utility box locks are those that offer weatherproof durability and can keep your tools secure, no matter what the conditions are. They’re not meant to be easy to break open and can lock your toolbox completely without shifting open during impact, pressure, or through force.


To ensure lasting strength and durability, you’ll want to find a box lock made from sturdy and solid materials, such as the stainless steel or alloys mentioned previously. Both stainless steel and alloys offer high-end support and can withstand ongoing exposure to the elements.

Stainless steel and alloys do not rust as quickly, so they’re great for outdoor use, especially if your toolbox will remain in your truck during rain, snow, or under UV rays.

Having a weatherproof lock means you won’t have to worry about corrosion and your lock sealing itself shut from the materials rusting over.


Secondly, you’ll also want to look for box locks that are easy to open when you need access to your tools. Most box locks have a simple fastening mechanism that suits the design of the toolbox. Occasionally, an intricate lock can mean you’re spending more time trying to pry it open instead of swiftly retrieving your tools.

The hatch box locks and the cylinder locks are relatively easy to open with the key, but the hatch locks require the extra step to open the lid, so keep this in mind for your work needs.

Easy Installation

Lastly, you’ll also want to look at utility box locks that are quick and easy to install and ideally don’t require any extra drilling or hardware. If you’re purchasing the box locks as replacements, you’ll have to remove the existing locks before the new one can be mounted. As noted by truck toolbox enthusiast, The Nate Take, replacing faulty locks only works if your keys were lost or damaged while the lock was unlocked.

If your toolbox experiences a broken lock, this video will walk you through the repair process:

If not, you may have to drill around the existing lock’s edges to pry it out, thus fitting in a much larger lock to complete the open area. If you choose not to drill, you may also damage your toolbox when trying to get into it to remove the lock from the outside.

For more information on how to replace a faulty cylinder lock without having to drill or pry into your toolbox, watch this video:

Best Value: Red Hound Auto 4 Stainless Door Lock Trailer Toolbox Handle Latch

In a pack of four, these stainless steel hatch locks are suitable for larger toolboxes containing multiple locks or for those that want to install a series of locks. The product comes with four sets of keys, all of which are compatible with the locks, so you only have to keep one pair on you when installing two locks.

These locks also include all of the necessary nuts and bolts to securely fasten them into your toolbox without having to drill new holes into the existing outlets. New lock placements will still have to be drilled if your toolbox doesn’t already have them.

The locks are suitable for various truck toolboxes, including mounted wheel well and underbed boxes, as they can actively support the weight of bigger boxes.

Product Specifications

Dimensions5.5 x 4.5 inches
MaterialsStainless Steel
Weight‎4.6 pounds
Red Hound Auto 4 Stainless Door Lock Trailer Toolbox RV Handle Latch Large Weld Screw Paddle Key
  • 4 heavy duty locking paddle latches (with gaskets), each lock comes...
  • Verify Size needed: Outside dimensions approximately 5-1/2" x 4-1/2";...
  • Constructed of Heavy Duty Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel and made to...
  • Easily replace your broken or worn toolbox latches to keep your items...
  • Handle is Rear mounted (no mounting holes, bolts are welded on in back...

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Most Affordable: Westway Global Tubular Cam Lock

We enjoy these locks because they’re incredibly affordable, so you can purchase multiple locks at a time without breaking the bank. They already come in a pack of two, making it easy to install more than one lock where you need it most.

The locks are lightweight and perfect for any small to medium-sized toolbox that needs a little extra security. They’ll work well for smaller compartments, slide-out toolboxes, and even storage drawers or standalone boxes that you plan to keep in your truck bed. The simple design means they go well with virtually any truck toolbox design and offer complete durability for use duration.

Product Specifications

Dimensions‎4 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches
MaterialsAlloy Steel, Zinc
Weight‎3.04 ounces
Tubular Cam Lock with 7/8" Cylinder and Chrome Finish, Keyed Alike
  • The lock cylinder can fit a material thickness of up to 5/8". It is a...
  • Westway Locks 7/8" tubular cam locks (sometimes called the ace cam...
  • The lock's versatility allows it to be installed in multiple...
  • Ships with reversible stop cam and is non-key retaining, allowing you...
  • Cam lock ships with two keys, a steel cylinder nut, stop cam, 1 1/4"...

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Best Aesthetically: Black Powder Coated Paddle Latch Toolbox Door Lock

The Black Powder Coated Paddle Latch is not only stunning to look at but can also offer lasting comfort and strength for your toolbox. The powder coating deters quick rusting and staining while keeping your toolbox looking refined and clean. The easy-to-open latch means you can insert your key quickly and open your toolbox lid in an instant.

These paddle latches are great for placing around the exteriors of your toolbox, especially if you have a powder-coated toolbox or are looking to blend your locks in with the body of your toolbox. Their low-key appearance ensures that you can place them on your toolbox and prevent thieves from quickly identifying them.

The key is included with the product so that you can have regular and easy access to your toolbox. 

Product Specifications

Dimensions5.5 x 4.25 x 1.7 inches
MaterialsPowder coated black
Weight‎1 pounds
Kay Enterprises 1- Black Powder Coated Paddle Latch Tool Box Door Lock 5.50" L x 4.25" W & Gasket
  • 1- Black Powder coated Paddle Latch Key locking, keyed alike
  • Mounts to flat surface typically on metal plate
  • 5.50L" X 4.25W" overall flange dimension 3.38" x 4.65" cutout required
  • See drawing for all dimensions required to make correct buying...
  • Includes 1- rubber gasket for placement between flange and mount...

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Most Versatile: Admiral Lock Tubular Cam Lock

We appreciate the simplicity and strength that the Admiral locks can offer. They’re composed of alloy steel and topped with a chrome finish that helps them look sleek and fit in well with your toolbox.

Furthermore, they offer enhanced versatility since they can be installed in various positions, depending on where you’d like to secure your toolbox more. The locks are also ideal for securing any sliding drawers or compartments within the toolbox because they’re small and can be configured from any angle, but unlocking them is done at a 90° angle.

They would also work well in conjunction with hatch locks, should you prefer to place those on the exterior of your toolbox and the smaller cylinder locks on the inside as an extra layer of security.

Product Specifications

Dimensions4 x 4 x 0.75 inches
Weight‎5.6 ounces
Color(s)Chrome Pack of 2
Admiral Locks 5/8” Tubular Cam Lock, Keyed Alike Removable Key RV Compartment Storage Lock Cabinet Locks (5/8 Inch 90°, Chrome Pack of 2)
  • Fits up to 3/8" (9.5mm) thickness ●● Check measurements in photo...
  • INCLUDES 2 LOCKS AND KEYS - Each of our tubular cam locks include 2...
  • NON-KEY RETAINING - For easier use, Admiral Locks Tubular cam lock was...
  • EXTRA SECURITY AND PROTECTION - For an updated security for any type...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Replacing an old lock should take less than 5...

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Most Durable: X-Haibei Truck Toolbox Door Lock Latch Recessed Folding T-Handle

This durable but straightforward toolbox lock is made of stainless steel and comes fitted with all hardware to install into your toolbox. It’s extremely powerful, and the latch can hold the weight heftier toolbox lids with ease.

It’s convenient for everyday use and comes with keys so that you can enter the toolbox readily without issue. The keyhole comes with a protective cover to prevent moisture buildup and rusting from inside.

When it’s not in use, you can shield the keyhole, keeping it secure and later opening it quickly when you need to insert the key.

Product Specifications

Dimensions‎5 x 4.8 x 3.5 inches
Materialsstainless steel
Weight‎1.25 pounds
Color(s)Stainless Steel
X-Haibei Truck Tool Box Latch with Lock Recessed Folding T Handle Stainless Steel Door Latch with Keys for Pickup Trailer RV
  • Quantity: T Handle Latch w/ Keys (without screws)
  • Whole size: 5*4.8 inches
  • Installation hole distance(center to center): 3.3inch x3.9inch, screw...
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Universal and Easy to installI. It excellent fit and replacement for...

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Best Overall: Red Hound Auto 4 RV Door Toolbox Lock with Gasket T-Handle

With a similar design to the previous T-handle lock, the Red Hound Auto locks win our number one spot as the best truck utility box locks because they combine the price, durability, and strength you need from a box lock all into one. Coming in a pack of four, you’re able to mount these locks on your larger toolboxes, while you may only need one on your smaller boxes.

Since they will all be keyed the same, you don’t need to carry every set of keys with you to access the locks, meaning you can save the rest as backup keys. When you finish opening the locks, the hatches can quickly be closed shut and the box locked up, securing the lid and protecting everything inside of your box as well.

Product Specifications

Dimensions11.62 x 8 x 5 inches
MaterialsStainless Steel
Weight‎5.21 pounds
Red Hound Auto 4 Rv Door Tool Box Lock with Gasket T-Handle Latch with Keys 304 Stainless Steel Highly Polished
  • Red Hound Auto 304 Stainless Steel Locking T-Handle Door Latches
  • Outer Dimensions: 4-3/4in x 4-7/8in.
  • Fits approximately 2-7/8in x 3-3/4in door cutout.
  • Latch has a smooth, mirror-like finish and is designed to mount on a...
  • Includes gasket for a secure, waterproof seal. Durable, ready to...

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Completing Your Truck Bed’s Tool Storage Setup

Once you’ve successfully purchased your new toolbox lock, you can then install it with ease and secure all of your tools and toolboxes within your truck bed. The new locks will offer you long-term support and protection, regardless of the weather conditions or the number of times you have to open and close your toolbox.

After you’ve tested your new locks, be sure to keep your lock keys handy, so you can readily access your tools in an instant or while on the job. Mixing different locks listed can also be an efficient way to keep your less-popular tools organized and safe when they aren’t in use.


The ease and convenience that truck toolboxes offer is unbeatable, but the added security that utility box locks can provide ensures you’re able to get more use out of your truck bed toolboxes and tools for longer.

The toolbox locks prevent theft, loss, and damages to your tools, and can keep your toolbox and truck safe from others and the elements in the meantime, so don’t wait for a break-in or accident to give your tools and truck toolbox the security they need.


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